Spreadsheet Tips: 7 Reasons to Convert Your Excel to PDF

Convert Your Excel to PDF

Spreadsheets are the best way to record various types of reports and data. Because of the different features and functions available in the software, you can easily create a summary of hundreds of data. This is why many offices and businesses prefer to use it as their go-to tool in data gathering and reporting. Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel is indeed an effective way of managing your business. However, these spreadsheets are sensitive. If you are using a formula to input information on the file, you have to make sure that these details will not be edited. Simply because if you miss even a single character, it can ruin the entire summary. Because of this, you must keep these files secure. Luckily, there’s an easy way for you to do that. With the help of an online tool such as GogoPDF, you can convert Excel to PDF in as fast as two minutes.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider converting your spreadsheets to PDF.

1. Keep Your Data Secured and Unedited

PDFs are permanent files. It is like an image-finish of a document where a user can easily view the data but will not be able to edit it right away. It’s an effective way to make sure that all the information encoded in your spreadsheet will not be edited no matter who accesses it. You can convert your Excel to PDF once you have finalized the report. You can use the converted file as a permanent record that you use in bookkeeping.

2. Make the Formatting and Formula Permanent

Because it is an uneditable file, PDFs will keep all the formulas set on your Excel sheet. It will only convert the information on the actual sheet and will save it like a document file. It’s like printing your Excel file digitally. Moreover, PDF keeps the formatting of your spreadsheets such as the font size and cell colors. It will be compiled like an e-book, which is best for long-term filing.

Furthermore, it keeps the same quality as the original document. So, if you use tables and charts in your spreadsheet, you can still view them in a high-quality PDF file.

3. Review Your Spreadsheet Anytime, Anywhere

PDF is compatible with both computer and mobile devices. If you have a PDF copy of your Excel file, you can easily access it even if you don’t have spreadsheet software on your device. It is also compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux plus it works on all browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It’s a more convenient option to manage your reports and data.

4. Encrypt Your Document With a Password

To add protection to your spreadsheet, you can encrypt a password on the converted PDF file. You can only share the password with the authorized person who has the privilege to access the file. If your PDF has a password, a dialogue box will pop up before opening the file. This means that if someone unauthorized to access it tried to open the file, they will not be able to do so without a password.

Password encryption is one of the most powerful ways to keep your confidential and sensitive data secured from any malicious activities. You will have peace of mind if your spreadsheets are converted to PDF and it is equipped with password protection.

5. Review Your Spreadsheet Without Version-specific Requirements

Unlike the Microsoft Office software, PDF doesn’t come in multiple versions. As mentioned above, Excel sheets come with different features and functions. And because there are multiple versions released for this software, there’s a high chance that the new features added may not be available to the old versions. This can cause an issue if someone who has an old Excel is trying to access your file.

With PDF, you can access the file even if it was converted 10 years ago. It uses a universal format that opens on all types of PDF readers. If you don’t have a PDF reader installed on your device, you can also view it using a browser.

6. Present Your Data in a More Professional Way

If you need to share your spreadsheet with your bosses or clients, showing them a confusing spreadsheet may be a bit unprofessional. While Excel is a truly efficient software for data gathering, it looks overwhelming to a layman. If you convert it to PDF, the viewer can easily understand its contents because it will just look like a regular document. You don’t need to worry about explaining too much about the details and the formula. A PDF document can stand on its own.

7. Consolidate Your Data and Files Effectively

Business records such as monthly reports and invoices should be filed properly. Keeping them as an Excel sheet is a risky strategy for long term filing. If you convert it to PDF, it will be easier for you to manage those files. All you need to do is to store them in folders and label them accordingly.

Moreover, you have the option to merge or combine multiple PDF files and documents. This will greatly help if you need to group all the reports according to specific categories such as clients, dates, or owners.

Convert Excel to PDF using GogoPDF

Protect your spreadsheet and convert them to PDF today. If you are looking for a reliable PDF tool, you can check out GogoPDF. It’s an online PDF platform that offers a variety of features and functions for managing PDF files. Visit their website to know more.

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