Social Media Marketing Advice for Your Property Business

Social Media Marketing Advice for Your Property Business

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, digital marketing - but particularly social media marketing - is a crucial tool when it comes to achieving marketing success. However, for businesses within the property sphere, utilizing social media marketing is even more crucial to meeting goals. 

Studies have shown that 77% of real estate-related businesses use social media in some way and see some fantastic results from doing so. While 47% of real estate-related companies have noted that social media marketing tends to result in the highest quality leads to other marketing sources. Research has also shown that when looking for a new home, 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers start their search online, such as via social media. 

What this means is that when it comes to running a successful property business, the use of social media marketing is an absolute must. Of course, knowing how to utilize social media marketing effectively isn’t always an easy task. 

Bearing that in mind, below is a guide to how you can take advantage of social media marketing and utilize it for your company’s success. 

It’s vital to know your audience 

As a people-focused business, social media has incredible potential for you. However, it can only be successful if you are clued up regarding who your audience is and who it is you want to reach. That’s the key factor here - and with all marketing - because if you fail to know who you are targeting, your marketing strategy is likely to fail. 

The chances are that when it comes to sourcing tenants for rental properties, for example, you know how to find the best tenants, or when it comes to sourcing potential buyers, you probably know how to spot who is likely to make a purchase. What you need to do is harness this information and create a database in Excel regarding your target audience for each aspect of your business. This information can then be used to create your social media strategy. 

See what your competitors are doing 

A great hack, when it comes to creating an effective social media strategy, is to look at what your competitors have been doing. Take the time to search through your competitors’ social media profiles, looking at the types of content that they are putting out there. Look at what content seems to be working well, and what content doesn’t seem to perform as effectively, and use that knowledge to your advantage. 

Be creative 

Social media content isn’t just about posting a few ‘look at what we offer’ posts. It’s about getting creative with the types of content that you are putting out there. You need to think about the kinds of things that you can put out on social media, and how you can make your content pull viewers in. 

Photos tend to work well - especially unique photos and images that portray how your business is running. Graphics can work well, too - these are simple to make in Canva and can have a huge impact on how well your social platforms perform. Videos are an incredible marketing tool and will always pull in more engagement than any other type of content. Sharing blog posts can also be a great step, as you can sharing other industry-relevant pieces of topical media coverage. 


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