Simple Guide To CBD Oil For Dogs

Simple Guide To CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil is beneficial to both humans and pets. This is why making it a part of their daily diet is the best thing you can do to improve your pet’s overall health.

However, whether you want to treat your dog's anxiety or help them lead an active and fabulous lifestyle, it all comes to picking the right Cannabis-based product. On the other hand, most people may find it difficult to administer cannabidiol oil effectively to their dogs.

Since it is not a capsule or an edible, you cannot just smear it onto a bone and have your dog eat it. Luckily, here is a guide on how it is done. Well, you can also visit CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats – HolistaPet and learn more.

  • Mix it with a treat

Dogs are naturally foodies and cannot miss out on their favorite treats. This means you can easily administer the oil by adding it into their biscuits and they swallow it all.

Plus, the oil blends well with the texture and the flavor of most treats, eliminating the earthly taste of CBD. If your pup is sensitive to this earthly taste, then this method could be your ideal option. Also, make sure to use the correct dosage and let it soak in before giving it to your pup.

It is also worth noting that, this method works best on porous treats with a strong flavor.

  • Mix it with something your dog loves

Ask yourself what is it that your dog loves to eat the most. It could be a grilled chicken, peanut butter, grated fruit, or coconut oil. Perhaps they cannot resist the delicious taste of homemade bone soup?

Once you have identified what they like, add a few drops of oil and watch them lick the bowl clean. No pet can resist the taste of something their love. This is probably one of the easiest ways of administering the supplement.

Nonetheless, if you get stuck finding the right product for your doggie, you can try checking online for various pet-friendly tasty chews. Likewise, you can also consult with your vet on this issue.

  • Add it to their meals

Every living thing requires food to grow, and this is no different with animals. You can take advantage of your dog's mealtime and use this opportunity to give your dog the supplement.

Also, the fact that your pet must eat at least twice a day makes it so convenient. The other good thing about this is that, unlike treats, controlled meals are healthier.

However, for the method to be effective, make sure your pup doesn't leave any leftovers. If you give it more food than it can handle, it might not consume the targeted dosage. Plus, experts recommend dry canine foods for this method. See this link to read more

  • Oral application

Here you use a dropper to administer the product into your pet's mouth. The dropper is also well calibrated so all you need is to draw up the right amount of oil and then squeeze it into the furthest end of your hound's mouth without gagging it.

This can also be followed with a treat to ensure that they gulp it all. Giving them their favorite treat after taking the drug also motivates them to take the supplement willingly next time.

Similarly, some dogs may refuse to feed once they notice a slight change in their meals or treat's flavor. In this case, adding CBD oil to their foods may not be the best option. This is also where using a dropper comes in handy.

  • Make your dog treat

This saves you money unlike buying readymade treats. Also, freshly made cakes, biscuits, or cookies are healthier and your hound may love them more. The main trick here is to replace the baking oil with CBD oil for it to be effective.

Nevertheless, preparing baked treats can be quite challenging especially for beginners. Cannabidiol oil may evaporate while baking, resulting in the irregular distribution of the oil in the treats. This also means there could be a different amount of the product in each cupcake. If you're not confident about baking your treats you can always opt for the non-baked treats.

Now that you know the various ways for giving your pup CBD, let's look at what time it's ideal to administer the dosage.

Best time to give CBD oil to your dog

The best time to give your animal the supplement depends wholly on you and your dog's schedule. If you choose to add the oil to their meals, then you can give them the dose during lunch or dinner time.

On the other hand, if your puppy gets agitated every time you leave your house for work in the morning, you can choose to give them the oil in the morning to manage the separation anxiety.

The most important thing is to stick to your CBD dispensing routine. However, if the prescription requires you to give your pet two doses a day, you might consider giving it both in the morning and evening. Click here to read more.


Every pet owner's dream is to see their pet healthy and happy, that's why we invest in insurance, whether it is dog insurance or some other type of pet insurance. You can easily achieve this by simply including cannabidiol oil in their diet. Cannabis-based products are believed to be safe and among the best alternatives for improving the overall immune system, brain function, emotional balance, and joint health of your animal. A product that can do all these for your animal is worth purchasing. The best part is, you can both use it to better your lifestyle.

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