Should You Invest in Bitcoin, or Are You Too Late?

Should You Invest in Bitcoin, or Are You Too Late?

Well, everyone around you might be telling you about Bitcoin investment. However, if you are skeptical that you have been too late in Bitcoin investment, this article will help you make the right decision. In early 2017, the value of Bitcoin was $1000. Thus, if you had invested in Bitcoin in 2017, you might have received $20,000 now.

The price of Bitcoin has witnessed lots of ups and downs. But, if we look too deep, the value of Bitcoin has seen a considerable rise. Read more about the Bitcoin benefits for eCommerce to know about the value of Bitcoin.

No doubt, many people have made huge fortunes out of the investment, but some people have lost millions. Nevertheless, even if people invested in Bitcoin in 2020, they have made a healthy profit of $40,000 in just one year.

Reading all these statistics may seem too burdening, and you may be regretting your decision not to invest in Bitcoin. However, most new investors ask whether the price of Bitcoin will rise or will it go down?

People want to profit through Bitcoin investment, but they can’t take the risk. As an expert, we would recommend you take a calculated risk. So, let’s address your question about whether it is too late to invest in Bitcoin or if you should invest now.

The timing

We all wish to go into the 2009 era when the cost of a Bitcoin was too low, and you would have made huge profits by selling it today. But we all know that this is not exactly possible. If we go back in time, no one at that time had any idea that the price of Bitcoin would shoot from zero to $60,000 in no time.

Currently, the Bitcoin market cap is $1. It is the 10th treasured asset in the world. But all new opportunities have come a long way. The worth of Google was not $1.2 trillion when it began. Every company and every little investment go through lots of changes. No doubt, early investors have an edge, but this does not mean that the timing is not suitable to invest in Bitcoin now. If you think that you have missed the boat, you are wrong. No one knows the future. Looking at the number of institutional investors jumping in for Bitcoin investment, we can be sure that Bitcoin will witness a rise in value.

Relation between demand and supply

You need to know that the supply of Bitcoin is capped at 21 million. Out of which, 18 million Bitcoin have already been mined. Thus, 18 million Bitcoin are already in circulation. The mining of the remaining 3 million Bitcoin will be by 2040. Since the supply is limited, but the demand is high, we can speculate that the cost of Bitcoin will rise.

In addition to this, many more institutional investors will join the Bitcoin revolution. When companies like Google and Apple join the bitcoin revolution, people will trust Bitcoin investment. Thus, in the long run, we can expect lots of good news from the world of Bitcoin.

Scarcity aspect

One of the significant features of Bitcoin is its scarcity. Thus, Bitcoin is limited in supply compared to other currencies and assets. As we already know, gold offers good investment opportunities because of its scarcity. Unfortunately, it was also hard to find and hard to mine. The same is the case with Bitcoin. With the lack of supply and an increase in demand, we will see a massive rise in the cost of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is similar to gold, and it is even better than gold. Scarce, expensive, and difficulty in mining makes Bitcoin one of the best investments in the current scenario.

The blockchain benefit

Another important aspect of Bitcoin investment is that it is immutable. Bitcoin makes use of blockchain technology that uses a public ledger to register the transaction. Whatever data is present in blockchain technology cannot be altered. Thus, all data stored in the blockchain remains there forever.

Looking at all the pros mentioned above regarding Bitcoin, we can be sure that you are late to join the revolution. But, better to be late than never. You should have bought it years ago, but you will regret it again if you don’t invest in Bitcoin now. So, get ready to invest in Bitcoin today.

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