Selecting the Perfect Welcome Items for Onboarding New Hires

Starting a new job can be as (if not even more) nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Your new hires will be hesitantly entering unfamiliar workspaces, meeting new team members and joining a culture created long before they arrived. Creating a welcoming onboarding process for new hires, though, is a great way to ease the strain and alleviate some of the stress of starting a new job, along with boasting a lot of other benefits!

Part of a good onboarding process includes providing new hires with a welcome package — beyond the basics of company policies and wi-fi passwords, however, it can be tricky to figure out what should make the cut. Many companies will include additional items in their onboarding packages like special corporate gifts that welcome new hires the company way, and some will include experiential gifts that show new hires what life with the company is all about. Ultimately, though, creating a welcoming and appropriate onboarding process will mean figuring out what YOUR company is all about.

Selecting the Perfect Welcome Items for Onboarding New Hires

Why Give Welcome Gifts?

What better way to kick off your newfound relationship than with a selection of meaningful gifts. These can also help them successfully transition into their new role! The impersonal first days of a new job can feel overwhelming and cold. Thus, simply adding a few extra items or gifts to an onboarding package can go a long way towards creating a more welcoming experience for a new employee. Along with this, welcome gifts will:

  • Make new hires feel valued. Providing high-quality gifts to new employees shows them that you’re committed to their success and willing to invest in it.
  • Highlight company culture. Specialty corporate gifts can celebrate a particular element of a company’s brand. Or they might highlight a unique element of a company’s culture. Selecting more unique and personalized gifts is a great way to celebrate what’s truly special about your company, and is always encouraged!
  • Build community within the company. A few high-quality items can help build a connection to your company and set the tone for the work to come. Depending on the types of items, these gifts can even potentially help to build relationships with other team members.
  • Create a positive first impression. When welcoming new members to your team, providing a few small gifts and other useful items goes a long way towards creating a positive first impression. These gifts generally come as a surprise to employees. Thus, they help set the tone for a positive work environment as well.

Employee gift

How to Select the Perfect Welcome Items for New Hires

Welcome items should reflect the values and spirit of the company. However, they should also ensure a positive introduction of it. As a bonus, some of the best welcome items will also be ones that help them excel in their new positions.

Ask other employees or team members for their input and ideas about what might be best in your onboarding package. is If you’re having a hard time, your team can reflect back to their own days of being the new hire and figure out what they would have liked to receive. Or, maybe even something that they DID receive and loved! In general, though, employees tend to prefer:

Practical Items

Things that your new employee will find particularly practical and useful are always appreciated! Practical items can range from day planners with cool designs to super cool sticky notes. But, depending on your field and company culture it could be unexpected and exciting items like:

  • New and nice computer peripherals.
  • Computer software to help them excel.
  • A company branded water bottle or travel mug.
  • Desk accessories and essentials.


Nothing says team more than shared style through branded clothing. Nothing feels better as a new employee than being able to blend in and find their place. Go above and beyond the basics with cool custom branded pieces like:

  • T Shirts. If you have uniform t-shirts, be sure to make these welcome ones something a little more special. Even if they’re not permitted to be worn at work all the time!
  • Facemasks and gaiters that feature your company’s logo or even just colors.
  • Custom branded socks! You can always use another pair of socks. You can also make cool custom branded socks for your company, so, they will actually be exciting!
  • Personalized personal protective gear.

Experiential Gifts 

Experiential gifts offer a more immersive and memorable way to welcome employees and create a positive impression. These types of gifts can include anything from exotic wine tastings to paddleboarding lessons. You can really cater them to your employee or company culture! With an experiential gift, a new hire may also get the option to choose what experiences they would like to have. Depending on your company, an experiential gift may be:

  • Wellness-focused. Like a meditation retreat, a spa session, or even a getaway.
  • Food and beverage focused. Like local foodie or farm tasting tours, cooking classes, or even a private chef for a certain time.
  • Entertainment-focused. Like concerts and other events, scuba diving and other activities, and even helicopter sight-seeing and other tours.
  • Family-focused. Like going behind-the-scenes at the zoo or a membership to a children’s museum or center. You could also consider a family zipline adventure, or even private housekeeping for an allotted time.


The Best Gift of All

When you hire a new employee as a company, they are hoping to build a long-lasting relationship that will benefit both of you. You’ll want to ask yourself if you’re outwardly expressing this desire as well! Especially considering the challenges behind finding and keeping good help, developing a positive company culture, and pursuing positive first impressions is important now more than ever before. By selecting the perfect welcome items, you can both surprise and delight new employees. All while outwardly establishing the long-lasting connection and successful long-term relationship you hope to create.

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