7 Real Estate Investment Ideas You Need to Consider

7 Real Estate Investment Ideas You Need to Consider

Real estate investments can be very lucrative, but only when you do things right. There are several investment options available, and choosing one can be a bit overwhelming. However, considering a few things like your budget and level of commitment can make it easy to decide on which investment to go for. Read on to learn some real estate investment ideas.

1. Rental Properties

With the ever-increasing housing demand, you can never go wrong with rental properties. You can buy or build commercial or residential rental properties. These usually have the potential of a high return since you get consistent income, easy leverage use, and equity appreciation. However, investing in rental properties requires a lot of capital initially since buying or building can be very expensive.

Investing in rental properties also helps you earn income passively. You can hire a property management company to achieve this.

2. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real estate investment trusts are another excellent idea of investing in real estate. REITs, basically, are companies that own manage real estate assets or whose income is derived from real estate. These companies trade on the stock exchange. You can buy stocks from these companies even with very little capital. REITs make one of the highly liquid methods of investing in real estate.

3. Buy Vacation Rentals

Buying a vacation rental is slightly different from buying residential or commercial rental properties. You can use the property during the off-peak period and rent it out during the peak season. Also, you can get better terms from your lender when buying such a property if you refer it to as a second home rather than an income-generating property. You can get explore some vacation rentals and other types of properties on

4. Fix And Flop

Fixing and flopping simply refer to buying a house, making repairs, then selling it. The idea here is to buy a house, renovate it to increase its value, and then sell it to make profits. You can make good money on this, especially when you master the best practices of doing it. Flip and flop have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. However, it is a bit risky, and you should do a lot of research to avoid getting losses.

5. Build And Sell

Building a home and selling it works the same way as to fix and flop, only that this time around, you are starting from scratch. It can even be less risky than fixing and flopping since you will know what you are going to spend on the whole project, and the probability of running into unexpected repairs is lower.

However, building from scratch is very time-consuming, unlike fix and flop. It can take years, while fixing and flopping may take only a few months. You may also realize that the market already fluctuated as you were doing the construction. However, these are not solid grounds to do away with this idea. Just do proper market research and plan well.

6. Buying And Holding Properties

Buying and holding properties is also known as rehab-ing. The idea here is that properties will always appreciate in value, so when you acquire a house today, you will sell it at a higher price in the future. Rehabbing also comes with other benefits on top of helping you get profits after selling the houses. You can easily get a leeway when you want to acquire credit. Your rich real estate portfolio will speak up for you. However, you need to plan on when is the best time to sell your property, to avoid sitting on profits.

7. Wholesaling

Wholesaling is also known as selling by assignment of contract. You don’t even need to buy or rent a property in wholesaling. You only need to acquire the skills to guide property buyers to sellers and get an assignment fee. Basically, in wholesaling, you find a property, arrange the prices and assemble the purchase agreement. You then go out and find someone to buy the property. After the purchase is complete, you get your assignment fee. Wholesaling, as seen above, may not require you to have initial capital, but it requires a lot of commitment.

When it comes to real estate, there are several investment options. Just weigh them and decide on which one to go for. Also, you are not limited to just one option. Combining a few of them is even much better, as it increases your potential returns and keeps you safe in case one investment goes down.

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