Reach Your Audience with SMS Messages: A Review of Mobile Text Alerts

mobile text alerts sms service

In the current digital world, customers often receive emails from work, friends, family, and brands. Unfortunately, most people hide or skip brand emails and social network notifications, making it hard for brands to reach prospects. With that being the case, your organization should consider a switch to text messages from a service like Mobile Text Alerts if you want to reach your customers in real-time.

According to Forbes, SMS (text messaging) provides an effective way of ensuring that your audience reads your marketing messages. Besides, it costs less overall, and businesses achieve more than 45% response rates

However, with increasing text messaging service providers, choosing the best becomes a challenge. Mobile Text Alerts provides excellent SMS services for small and large businesses.

Why Use Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts is an excellent SMS text message service provider that helps businesses and brands send messages in bulk to their prospects and customers. Unlike other platforms, it has an intuitive dashboard that allows users to view their subscribers, respond to clients, and answer questions with ease.

Key features of Mobile Text Alerts include;

  • MMS picture messaging
  • Automated text replies
  • Drip campaigns – allows you to schedule messages to be sent automatically over a period of time
  • Ability to conduct mobile surveys
  • Segmentation of contacts into groups

mobile text alerts features

The platform’s robust analytics feature allows businesses to track their SMS engagement rates. You can view group messaging opt-ins and opt-outs, subscriber reports, and a list of messages sent.

With the reply-forwarding abilities, business representatives can respond to customer inquiries and engage in conversations with subscribers using their phones. The platform also provides text-in subscriptions that allow customers to receive regular updates about business products and services by sending a one-word text.

Mobile Text Alerts Pricing Plans

Like other SMS platforms, Mobile Text Alerts has several pricing plans. They include:

  • Free 14-day trial – allows businesses to send a maximum of 50 messages
  • Basic plan – allows 500 messages. Costs $19/month (annually) or $25/month (monthly)
  • Starter – 1,000 messages. Costs $26/month (annually) or $35/month (monthly)
  • Standard – 2,000 messages. Costs $48/month (annually) or $59/month (monthly)
  • Professional – 5,000 messages. Costs $110/month (annually) or $138/month (monthly)
  • Plus – 10,000 messages. Costs $199/month (annually) or $249/month (monthly)
  • Premium – 20,000 messages. Costs $349/month (annually) or $449/month (monthly)
  • Elite – 50,000 messages. Costs $749/month (annually) or $949/month (monthly)
  • Enterprise – 100,000 messages. Costs $1,299/month (annually) or $1,749/month (monthly)

Mobile Text Alerts also has custom pricing plans for enterprise businesses that wish to send more than 100,000 messages per month. 

Pros of Mobile Text Alerts

Besides providing excellent text messaging services, other benefits of Mobile Text Alerts include:

  • Allows businesses to send instant notifications
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to create and send text messages
  • Uploading contact database is simple
  • Supports multiple users and groups
  • Easy message scheduling options

The Bottom Line

Marketing through short SMS messages provides an effective way of staying in touch with your customers, particularly if done right. Therefore, begin by ensuring that you have secured rights to communicate with customers and prospects via text to avoid getting in trouble with the Federal Communication Commission.

Once you have obtained customers’ permission, make sure you send valuable and insightful messages to your customers. Mobile Text Alerts enable businesses to save time by sending mass text message alerts to their prospects and customers in seconds. With a read rate of more than 98%, customers won’t miss product updates, reminders, discounts, and sales.

If you’d like to get started with Mobile Text Alerts, you can sign up for a free trial here in just 30 seconds. No credit card is required. Just enter your email and password and you’re good to go!

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