A Review of Jook SMS for Text Message Marketing

jook sms text message marketing service

Today’s business world is characterized by stiff competition and a very fast-changing environment. As a result, companies are always searching for the most relevant and cost-effective ways to stay connected with their clients to boost their business outcomes. As a business owner, there's a need to stay current with the latest ways to reach and connect with your target audience. One way to effectively reach potential customers that has grown immensely over the past few years via SMS texts, one of the leaders in providing this bulk SMS marketing service is Jook SMS. 

As you have experienced, text messaging is a key form of communication that is dramatically on the rise. Statistics show that the response rate from SMS marketing is seven and a half times higher compared to email. Your customers won’t just open your marketing communication and offers; they'll continue to  interact with you when communicating via SMS.

Aside from the personalization element, SMS is a convenient way to receive, read, and act on because consumers regularly check their phones. If you are looking to scale up your business marketing with the text messaging, take a look at the service from Jook SMS.  Here are a couple of things that should help solidify your decision.

Full Suite of Bulk SMS Features

The Jook SMS platform offers businesses of all sizes a way to improve their customer retention and gain new ones with their bulk text messaging software.  Key features include: 

  •  Mass Texting
  •  Message Personalization
  •  Mobile Coupons
  •  2-Way Messaging
  •  Contact Management
  •  Polls/Voting
  •  Reporting/Analytics
  •  Scheduled Messaging
  •  Shortcodes
  •  Text-to-Win
  •  Customized URL Shortener

The Advantage of a Free Trial

Jook SMS offers a 30-day free trial on its SMS service, and this is an excellent opportunity to try the service without any risk. You can create a campaign to text in bulk to existing clients and offer online or in-store options for users to join to receive messages.

The key benefit of the Jook SMS free trial offer is that you get to schedule, send, and receive up to hundreds of messages. You even have the option to use the contact importer that can come handy when getting personal information from your potential clients, such as names and email addresses.

Available Customer Support

When running your business, keeping your costs low while maintaining a reasonable price for your customers can help you maintain a healthy profit margin. The chatbots are an effective way of providing customer support while minimizing the costs of hiring in-house customer service representatives. While this is the case, the downside is that they have a limited response.

Besides using the Chabot when inquiring about any of the services offered by Jook SMS, you can also speak directly with a customer service representative to get your questions answered. One on one conversations ensure that all your concerns are not just handled professionally, but you'll receive satisfactory answers to all your issues.

Use Jooksms Bulk Text & SMS Marketing Service

Discounted Rates on Bulk SMS

For most businesses, discounts remain an attractive way to maintain previous clients. It can still help drive traffic to your brick and mortar and online store, which ultimately boosts your sales. To kick start your marketing campaign with SMS marketing, Jook SMS prices start at $10.

If you are an already established business and looking for ways to reach out to more customers, it's best to consider going for a higher package. Take note that as you move from the basic to the platinum package, you’ll have about 200 SMS increase at each stage.

Improve Your Business Outcomes with Jook SMS!

Jook SMS is a leader in SMS marketing whose main motive is to help its customers with messaging while at the same time perfecting and strategizing their campaigns to meet the needs of businesses in various industries. By taking advantage of their professional SMS marketing service, you are assured of building your client base, launching marketing campaigns, etc.

Many industries can benefit from the Jook SMS service because of its personalized and focused messaging. To assist a broad audience, Jook SMS offers customer service in English and Spanish languages. Take advantage of Jook SMS today, and get more clients to your business.

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