Best Practices for Email Marketing

best practices for email marketing

Email marketing is an under-utilized yet very beneficial form of digital marketing that businesses should use more effectively. Good email marketing can help your business entice pre-existing customers to continue to use your services or purchase again.

There are many components that make a good email marketing campaign. You should follow these to help make your emails more convincing. There are different ways emails can be used to aid your marketing. For example, sending out newsletters to keep customers informed on the business or offering discounts and promotional codes. Whatever tactic you use to maximize your email marketing, ensure you use these best practices so it stands out.

Create a Good Email Signature 

An email signature is basically the last thing that people will see on an email. On a personal email, this will be where you will find all the key information about an individual. This should include; their name, job role, contact details and links to social media. A business should also use an email signature to perform the same purposes as this, but it needs to include clickable links that can direct users to useful pages such as your website or social media channels.

Best practice for creating a good email signature for an email marketing campaign, is to make it look appealing and professional. The best way to do that is to create a signature via this Email signature software for Office 365. This software will help you create a more interesting and eye-catching signature that can better suit your business’ brand and identity. You can also add functionality to it to boost its effectiveness.

Use a Good Template 

The worst thing an email marketing campaign can be is boring and uninspired. For the best results out of email marketing, best practice is for designers need to make sure that the body of the email looks interesting and professional. Simply writing out a message as you would to a work colleague isn’t going to cut it. This will get lost in the recipients’ inbox, and may also think it’s a scam. So you need to write an email or choose a template that first of all avoids your email getting blacklisted and will reduce email bounce rates.

Instead, you need to create an email that incorporates graphics, your brand’s colors and call-to-action links. If anything, a good email for a business campaign will look more akin to a website homepage than a traditional email. Of course, making emails look like this is difficult without the right software or technical know how. However, a lot of businesses, small and large, use MailChimp, which is a great service that lets you create unique email templates. It also allows you to manage and schedule your email marketing too. With a good template you’re able to attract recipients and hopefully encourage them to make a conversion on your website.

Boost your content marketing strategy by sending emails that contain links to relevant content, helping you personalize the customer experience. You can also use an email marketing agency to boost your express delivery direct mail marketing or door-to-door postcard marketing strategy.

Test Email Content

Before you send out an email marketing campaign, best practice is to spend a few minutes testing the email. This can be done by sending the email to yourself and ensuring it loads correctly. You should be conscious of how it displays when opened on mobile as well as desktop, as most people view their emails through their smartphones. It’s also important that you test all the links in the email, to ensure they are not broken, and that they direct the user to the right webpage.

The final thing you should do is ensure that no data is missing and all your information is correct and accurate. You should also make sure that the copy is easy to read. This includes checking that the font or background color doesn’t make it too hard to understand. Illegible copy will put people off the email and potentially the brand.


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