Podcastle vs. Descript: A Review of Pricing and Features

Podcastle vs. Descript: A Review of Pricing and Features

Before you start recording your podcasts, you should understand the importance of audio recording and editing software. Unfortunately, most people overlook the importance of these tools, despite the fact that they can make or break your podcasting future. Essentially, this is the software that builds and shapes your podcast from the ground up, making the choice of what service you use of vital consequence.

However, the increase in podcast recording and editing tools can make it challenging to find the best choice. This article compares key Podcastle and Descript features, which are two top podcasting platforms.

Podcastle vs. Descript Features Compared

While each platform has unique features, below is a review of how their shared features compare.

1. Recording

Creating compositions on both platforms is straightforward. Podcasters can record clear and professional quality audios for their solo projects, voiceovers, and other recordings. However, Podcastle slightly outshines Descript, thanks to its AI-powered capabilities. Podcastle’s adaptive AI technology enables podcasters to sweeten their voice and record anywhere while still sounding like they are in a studio. With this, you can be sure of top quality and high-resolution audio.

Apart from recording, you can also transcribe the audio with a few clicks. Podcastle’s smart editor allows users to accurately convert recorded audio to text. Additionally, you can record your audio files and share them securely with the instant audio downloading feature. And if that’s not enough, you can convert any webpage into a compelling podcast quickly with Podcastle’s extension.

2. Audio Editor

Like with writing or any other form of content creation, you should always edit your recorded audio. For this, podcasters using Descript can edit their sound files using a word-processing style system. As you edit, you can see tracks and waveforms from your screen. You can also edit sound files just as you’d trim bits in digital audio platforms. Descript’s Filler Words Pro feature also eliminates “uhs” and “ums.”

Similarly, you can edit and enhance audio with Podcastle with a few clicks. The platform’s audio editor comes as a free online tool, allowing podcasters to enhance their podcasts with ease. You can begin by splitting your audio into two or more parts or trim it by selecting a specific time range or duration. You can also give your listeners a smooth and professional transition between episode introductions and playhead with the fade in and out feature.

Podcasters can also change the speed of their audio files or podcasts with Podcastle. You can slow down or speed your audio or music to make it comprehensible.

Something to be aware of with Descript is that unedited sound files are backed up in the platforms’ media library, which means you will have to switch between the editing text and editing media back and forth. Even though a drop-down switch simplifies the process, it is still cumbersome. These few editing feature limitations make Podcastle a superior option in audio editing.

3. Overdub vs. Revoice

Overdub is a magical Descript feature. With this feature, you can paste the text into Descript’s editor, then select overdub stock voice, and the tool produces an instant dialogue. You can leverage Overdub’s unusual innovation by creating a pre-recorded voice using your speech and voice patterns.

This feature comes in handy in many ways. For instance, if you want to change words or sentences that you previously recorded, you don’t have to re-record them. Simply type in the words, and Overdub’s tech will say the new words using your pre-recorded voice. You can also paste any content or blogs previously written into the platform and select the overdub feature to create audio files.

Descript ensures that users create overdub voices only with their voices. Therefore, you should provide extensive voice information, mainly by reading between ten and thirty minutes of text. What’s interesting is you can pre-record your voice with emotion or attitude. For instance, you can record a happy statement in a happy voice. Overdub will use this information in the future for other sentences designated as “happy.”

Revoice is a feature by Podcastle that does more or less what Overdub does for Descript. Like Overdub, it allows users to convert written content into a podcast. The tool has voice skins based on recent artificial intelligence and deep learning innovations that sound as natural and human-like as possible. The technology also transcribes your podcast within minutes and makes quick SEO improvements.

While Revoice does a good job in transcription and SEO improvements, Overdub by Descript has excellent additional features.

podcast software

Podcastle vs. Descript Pricing

Like any other tool, you should consider pricing structures before deciding to use either Descript or Podcastle. Below is how pricing structures vary between these two platforms.

Descript Pricing

  • Free plan – you can record, edit, and mix only one project. This includes a maximum of 20 screen recordings and one three-hour-long transcription.
  • Creator plan – $12 monthly charge. Includes everything in the free version, plus unlimited screen recordings, 10 hours of transcription, and timeline export, which allows you to share sound files outside Descript.
  • Pro – costs $24 per month. Includes all provisions in Creator, Overdub, and Filler pro features, batch file export, and up to 30 hours of transcription.
  • Enterprise – contact Descript for pricing as it is customized to suit your needs. However, it includes all features at the Pro level, plus dedicated account support, advanced sharing controls, security review, and more.

Podcastle Pricing

  • Free plan – includes all features you need to kick off your podcast journey, such as high-quality audio, editing with multiple audio tracks, auto-saving to the cloud, one host with nine interviewees, an advanced audio editor, and ease of managing unlimited projects.
  • Storyteller plan – this is the most popular plan and costs $11.99 monthly. It includes everything in free mode, plus unlimited AI-tech-based silence removal, high-quality downloads, unlimited audio processing using Magic Dust, 10 hours of transcription, and Revoice.
  • Podcastle Pro – costs $23.99 per month. It includes all the features at the Storyteller level, plus 25 hours of transcription and other new features.
  • Team Plan – this is a customized plan tailored to suit specific business needs. At its core it includes all the features in Podcastle Pro, 24/7 support, personal training, and other custom feature requests.


Hopefully, this guide highlights and differentiates these two top podcast recording and editing platforms. Like other podcast tool providers, both Podcastle and Descript have their pros and cons. However, what stands out is how podcasters can benefit from Podcastle’s free plan. Podcastle provides several features in its free plan, which are otherwise charged on Descript.

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