The Main Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services

benefits of outsourcing transcription services

One of the biggest misconceptions about transcribing audio-visual content is that anyone can do it. All you need is a set of headphones, a laptop, and the patience to type out everything you hear so it should be easy when outsourcing transcription services. 

In reality, there’s a lot more to the process, and it takes a trained professional to make accurate transcriptions, especially in the case of law enforcement transcription services. These experts produce faithful records of your A/V content, regardless of its quality, source, or content.

Performing this task in-house runs the risk you record an error while stretching your team thin. You can avoid making these mistakes by choosing the right professional transcription services for your industry. Here are 5 benefits to relying on a professional. 

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is the greatest advantage to outsourcing this task. A professional transcriptionist produces a flawless written document of recorded audio, video, or live speech.

These professionals have been trained to handle distracting ambient noises, accents, and industry-specific jargon. 

2. Accessibility

The best transcription services create their final documents with your convenience in mind. To ensure a streamlined experience, they can easily format their transcripts to include speaker identification and timestamps.

They can also sync your A/V file with their final draft. This way, you can automatically navigate to the exact part of your recording where the speaker says something by clicking on the word in the document. 

3. Efficiency

A professional transcriptionist works quickly — faster than anyone can manage in-house. Best of all, they won’t sacrifice their accuracy to meet hard and fluctuating deadlines.

4. Productivity

When you outsource this task, your team isn’t forced to wear multiple hats, splitting their attention between taking verbatim notes and actively listening in a meeting. Instead, they can focus on what you hired them to do in the first place while a professional handles the rest. 

5. Translation

Does your content contain more than one language? If you enlist transcription services from a decorated translation agency, they can help you convert transcribed content into multiple languages.

3 Industries Where These Benefits Are Essential

In many ways, the benefits from the list above will give the average company an edge over its competitors. However, accuracy and efficiency are absolute necessities for the following three industries.

1. Court Transcription Services

When it comes to the law, any errors in transcribed content could throw a case or levy serious consequences for your practice. You need to entrust legal transcription and court reporting to a trained professional backed by a certified agency, as this is the only way to guarantee absolute accuracy. 

In many cases, court-approved transcription services are legal requirements for court and arbitration proceedings. You can only submit transcribed testimonies or audio evidence if you’ve gone through the appropriate channels. 

2. Media Transcription Services

Media juggernauts like Netflix and Amazon require subtitles and captioning for all their streaming content. And with millions of potential viewers seeing these transcripts, they need to generate flawless subtitles to avoid embarrassment. Otherwise, they can find themselves in a PR nightmare. And unfortunately for Netflix, they still have a lot of work to do. 

Captioning is also an essential feature of accessible content for deaf and Hard of Hearing viewers. Only media transcription services can ensure popular tv shows, movies, and even podcasts meet accessibility guidelines

3. Medical Transcription Services

Mistakes transcribing medical content could have dire consequences for a patient’s health. The addition of even one word can be a matter of life or death. Outsourcing this task to medical transcription services is essential for preserving the accuracy of healthcare information.

The Takeaway:

Transcribing content accurately takes training, skill, and the backing of a certified agency. Don’t attempt to handle this monumental task in-house. Get the right professional for the job.

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