PKT Cash Crypto Network: Another Stream of Passive Income

PKT Cash Crypto Network: Another Stream of Passive Income

Did you know you could put all your unused mobile data and bandwidth to good use? For example, providing cheaper internet access to people in both urban and rural areas. Plus you can earn extra money while doing so. Talk about doing good for the world and yourself!

It’s true that one of the fastest ways to make wealth is to create multiple streams of income. Passive income is especially important. Now more than ever, the need for various sources of income is on almost everyone’s mind. Money from one source doesn’t seem to do much anymore. As a result, people learn to be creative in this area. Now there are so many ways one can earn good money today without a 9-5 job. Click here to learn more ways one can earn passively.

If you’re reading this article, there’s a big chance you want to earn extra cash without being fully committing or investing in the earning process. PKT cash crypto can help you with that. So many people pay for bandwidth they often do not use up. By connecting your bandwidth, you get to earn passively. You literally don’t have to do anything aside from connecting to the PKT network. It’s that simple!

What is PKT?

PKT is a blockchain that enables anyone to become an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Through its system, users are able to allocate bandwidth and contribute to a decentralized, global internet network, for the people, and by the people.

It is the first of its kind as it runs on PacketCrypt as proof of work (PoW). This means that all the mining infrastructure is built on bandwidth. In this setup, mining is of two types-announcement mining and block mining.

Since this system runs on PacketCrypt, even miners using less powerful CPUs can mine cryptocurrency along with those utilizing stronger GPUs or an ASIC. Thus, supporting the PKT internet network. With this idea, both miners and normal internet users benefit from the shared network.

As more users with powerful computers and stronger bandwidth buy into the initiative, the network grows even stronger and wider. This helps to improve and decentralize the cost of infrastructure maintenance. As the network continues to grow, the cost of bandwidth all over the world will drop since there is a cheaper alternative that users are even able to earn from.

What is Blockchain?

As earlier mentioned PKT runs on blockchain technology. Essentially, blockchain is a database of information that is stored in every single system connected to the network.

When a transaction starts, a record of that transaction is saved on every system “node.” It is then impossible for anyone to manipulate the system. Each transaction has a unique identity known as hash which makes it easy to track and identify.

The blockchain is decentralized which greatly contributes to the security of the system. This means no one person has control over it and so, no one can tamper with any record without being found out. This is why so many people trust cryptocurrency investment. Visit to learn more about the advantages of decentralization.

With the PKT network being decentralized as well, no user, including its founder has absolute control. This means that the system to a large extent is corruption-proof and transparent.

PKT Network Mining Vs Traditional Mining

In traditional mining, miners have to make use of computers with really powerful processors. This uses up a lot of electricity and bandwidth, not to mention the amount of heat that pour out from the computers. Through the PKT network, miners do not necessarily need powerful processors to mine cryptocurrency since the entire infrastructure is bandwidth-based and processing power is strengthened by the many computers connected to the network.

As a result, mining can be done with a computer with a lesser processing power than those used in traditional mining since that one computer isn’t taking the whole weight of the mining process.

PKT Crypto

Why Join the Network?

Aside from the fact that you’re basically mining your internet for PKT cash crypto, you get to take part in a world-changing vision geared towards providing fast, affordable internet to the next billion people; essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Also, because the system is decentralized, there is no central authority. This means that you the users control the system. As a result, transaction fees within the network are drastically reduced since there is no governing body that’ll benefit from imposing higher fees.

As more users are encouraged to join the vision, the network’s security is strengthened since it is practically impossible for any one hacker to hack into every computer connected to the system. With this, miners are sure that their digital currencies are safe.

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