Get More Shares of Your Content!

How many hours have you spent adding buttons, gadgets and widgets to your new blog or website? You research the right tools, share buttons, share bars, analytic tracking tools and more. You install them with a hope and a prayer that someone somewhere is going to use them.  However, unfortunately many business leaders find they […]

Top Facebook Statistics 2013 [as of September]

Here’s a great compilation of 15 key Facebook statistics for 2013. Bottom line:  Facebook continues to grow.  Facebook is being used more and more by mobile users.  Facebook needs to be a key part of your online marketing strategy. Which stat stands out to you the most?  Let me know in the comments! Top Facebook […]

Timeline Contests and Tab Contests Compared [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook added new possibilities, so how can you quickly decide which option is best for your page? Read on! INFOGRAPHIC: Guide to deciding between a Timeline Contest, a Tab Contest, or both! Timeline Contest is best if: If you want to launch right away (like today!) If you want fast engagement (like’s and comments on […]

[Podcast] Comparison of Facebook Timeline and Tab Contests

Podcast Episode #7 2013 This Halftime Mike Podcast episode looks into the Facebook promotion policy change opening up contest promos to be run in the news feed. In particular, this episode guides marketers on when to use a Timeline Contest and when to use a Tab Contest. Come away with an informed view on advantages […]

5 Facebook Timeline Contest Types and 10 Examples You Can Run Now

The social media world has been chattering extensively about the recent change by Facebook to allow Pages to run contests on the Timeline. Page Admins now simply need to create a post on their page and push it out to run a contest!  (Well, a few more items are needed but we’ll get to that.) […]

timeline contest versus tab contest, appetizer vs full meal

Facebook Timeline Contests and Tab Contests Compared – Appetizer versus Full Meal

Timeline contest or contest hosted on a tab on your Facebook Page?  Which is better? Since Facebook loosened up the promotion policy and allows contests on both the Timeline via a post, and via apps on tabs, what are keys for choosing the type of contest to run? There are advantages and disadvantages to each.  The key […]

Stage 3 Web 'Closure Content'

Creating Sales Funnel ‘Closure Content’ to Get the Sale

Offering information on your products and services on the world wide web has enabled thousands of companies to expand from only local sales to national and sometimes even global. The key is having a content funnel strategy for your website and blog, and the end goal is converting more visitors into customers through a intentional […]

Content, content, content…Content Marketing World – Top Takeaways

I just returned from Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio where I spent a few power-packed days with over 1200 fellow digital strategists, bloggers, and online marketers.  I always find it helpful to recap some of my top learnings so that they go deeper in my psyche, and what better way to do it than a blog […]

Facebook Sales Pipeline Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook provides marketers with tremendous opportunity to connect with their target audience. With over 1.15 billion users, and those Facebook users on average spending an incredible 7 hours +/- per month on the network (as compared to less than 7 minutes on Google +, Mashable 5/2013), Facebook is a place to intersect with people that […]

How to Setup the New Gmail Tabs

Gmail made some serious changes recently within the Gmail interface. The new tab structure can be a valuable way to sort your email.  It can also be a barrier to viewing the email that you once did! Here’s the low down and how to setup the tabs to work in your favor. If you use […]