Medical Marketing: 3 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Medical Marketing

When it comes to converting your website visitors into patients, you must have a clear vision of your end objective as well as your audience. No matter where your practice is located or what line of medicine you practice, you need to have a defined purpose of what a successful conversion looks like. These objectives will offer you measurement objects to determine whether you are moving in the right direction with your medical marketing plan.

Below are conversion rate optimization tips for medical marketing that will help you improve on your objectives. These tips are applicable across different medical niches.

Effective Headlines

Once a visitor lands on your medical website, the first thing they notice is the headline. Your headline wraps up an entire sales pitch in a single, bold sentence. The headline is what piques the interest of your visitors, answers a question, solves a problem, or is instructional.

Some of the most impactful headlines are command headlines, direct headlines, question headlines, and problem-solving headlines. According to Numana Medical Marketing experts, a poorly constructed headline increases the chances of losing many leads. Also prominent is the placement and style of the headline, which means moving the most critical aspect to your target audience to the top of the page.

Further, a title with at least eight words tends to receive a 21 percent higher click-through rate compared to a more extended title. Using a hyphen or colon in the title to indicate a subtitle helps increase readability by 9 percent. Finally, headlines with odd numbers have a 20 percent higher click-through rate compared to those with even numbers. So, if you work with patients who are hard of hearing, you don’t want your headline to just be “hearing aid.” You’ll want to expand to say something like “Top Rated Hearing Aids for Seniors in 2021.”

Use Simplistic Navigation

An essential aspect of conversions is your website’s navigation. While you may not realize it, the direct traffic coming to your landing page is not the only traffic you should be monitoring. The simpler you make the navigation, the higher the chances it will be for your visitors to land back to your landing page and click a call to action.

You should also consider whether placing navigation links on the landing pages is useful for SEO or not. For instance, Numana SEO ran a few tests and realized that removing the navigation menu from the landing page increases conversions from 3 percent to 6 percent – a 100 percent conversion rate boost!

Use inbound links in your articles to increase the traffic going to your landing pages. Also, consider having a custom menu that’s distinctive and contains easy to read and understand navigation terms. Putting popular links on the sidebar or in-line anchor CTA’s will help direct traffic to your critical pages while directing visitors to CTAs via directional arrows and text makes their browsing experience that much more comfortable and effortless.

There is also another medical SEO insight that you can get learn from PracticeBloom as they're discussing the tips on the digital marketing strategies for medical spa.

Optimize Website for Mobile

Optimizing your medical website is more important today than it ever was. Mobile optimization means making the website responsive and carrying out A/B tests on desktop vs mobile. More than 50 percent of your potential patients are right now viewing sites through their mobile devices, and 81 percent of the population has a smartphone.

The numbers represent a massive market of possible individuals waiting to be converted into loyal patients. In other words, if your site is not mobile-optimized, you are missing a huge potential for lots of conversions.


Medical conversion rate optimization is a never-ending game. However, if you implement the conversion rate optimization tips above, there is a good chance that you will realize a quick increase in leads or sales. Besides, consider setting up Google Analytics on your website to collect and analyze data on where your visitors are coming from and where they land, all-important data that will help increase your bottom line.

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