Maverick Trading Review: What You Need to Know Before Joining

Maverick Trading Review: What You Need to Know Before Joining

Proprietary trading allows traders to focus solely on making profits rather than balancing client relationships and commissions. One name that has emerged as one of the best prop trading firms is Maverick Trading. Founded in 1997, Maverick Trading allows individuals to trade the firm's capital, alleviating much of the financial risk typically associated with individual trading.

So, what sets Maverick Trading apart in this competitive landscape? Whether it's its specialized training programs, comprehensive mentorship, or transparent fee structure, Maverick aims to be more than just a trading firm. It strives to be a platform for growth and skill development.

This article will provide an in-depth Maverick Trading review to guide aspiring and experienced traders. With this information in hand, deciding whether Maverick Trading is the right fit for you should be a straightforward task.

The Founders of Maverick Trading

Maverick Trading was founded in 1997 by Robb Reinhold and Darren Fischer, two individuals with extensive experience and insights into the trading industry.

Robb Reinhold, the firm's principal, has a rich background in finance and has been a professional trader for over two decades. His expertise lies in options, equities, and foreign exchange trading. Darren Fischer, the co-founder, is also a seasoned trader with years of experience in proprietary trading firms. Both founders have not only been successful traders but also educators, imparting their skills and knowledge to newcomers in the industry.

When Reinhold and Fischer established Maverick Trading, they envisioned creating a platform where traders focused solely on trading. They wanted to alleviate the financial burden that often serves as a barrier for individual traders. Their mission was to build a firm offering a comprehensive educational program and mentorship, fostering an environment where traders could develop their skills and strategies under expert guidance.

The founders aimed to go beyond just being a forex prop trading firm or a crypto prop trading firm. They aspired to build a community of traders with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to thrive in the highly competitive trading landscape. Maverick Trading has set itself apart as a platform for trader development and success by focusing on education and providing traders with ample resources.

Key Features of Maverick Trading

Maverick Trading distinguishes itself through various key features aimed at enhancing the trading experience for both beginners and seasoned traders. These features set the platform apart from other proprietary trading firms. Below are some of the main features:

  • Trading Capital

One of the most attractive offerings is providing trading capital to qualified traders. This allows individuals to engage in trading without risking their own money, thereby removing a significant barrier to entry.

  • Education Programs

Maverick Trading provides a comprehensive educational platform covering various topics, from trading basics to advanced strategies.

  • Mentorship and Coaching

To ensure that education leads to practical skills, Maverick Trading offers mentorship programs. Experienced traders provide one-on-one coaching to help traders fine-tune their strategies and decision-making processes.

  • Transparency and Flexibility

The firm operates on a transparent and flexible model. It outlines fee structures and allows traders to trade from anywhere.

  • Focus on Psychological Aspects

Recognizing that trading is not just about numbers but also involves a psychological element, Maverick Trading emphasizes helping traders manage the emotional aspects of trading.

  • Low Fees

Maverick Trading offers a relatively low fee structure compared to other proprietary trading firms. This allows traders to keep a larger share of their profits (70% to 80%).

By offering a well-rounded set of features, Maverick Trading has established itself as a leader in the proprietary trading industry.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When evaluating a trading firm's credibility and effectiveness, nothing speaks louder than the experiences of its users.

Maverick Trading enjoys a generally favorable perception among its users, with a 4.4-star rating out of 78 reviews. Here are some recurring themes that emerge from these customer testimonials.

  • Low Fees

One of the standout features noted by users is Maverick Trading's competitive fee structure. Users like Greg P point out that the fees are "low compared to other trading shops", which is often a decisive factor for traders when choosing a prop firm.

  • Quality Mentorship

Andrew, an inexperienced trader, praises Maverick Trading for taking him under their wing and coaching him "to be the best version of himself". This sentiment is echoed by many other users who appreciate the personalized guidance provided by the firm.

  • Psychological Support

Eric Wozniak, another user, emphasizes the psychological aspect of trading. He appreciates that Maverick provides tools to build a successful system and mentors and coaches to tackle the mental game of trading.

In conclusion, the overwhelmingly positive reviews strongly testify to Maverick Trading's quality of service. Whether it's the low fees, insightful mentorship, or comprehensive education, the company is doing several things right in the eyes of its users.


In summing up this Maverick Trading review, it's clear that the firm offers services that empower traders. Maverick Trading's competitive edge lies in its multiple facets, from the expertise of its founders to its clear emphasis on offering low fees. In fact, customer reviews corroborate the company's claims, emphasizing the firm's supportive and educational environment.

One standout feature of Maverick Trading is its focus on the psychological aspects of trading. They understand that success in trading is not just about having the right strategy but also about maintaining the right mindset. Furthermore, this holistic approach to trading education sets them apart from many other proprietary trading firms in the industry.

Another key point to consider is the firm's fee structure. According to customer reviews, the fees at Maverick Trading are competitive, offering value for the services provided. This could be particularly appealing for those who are cautious about initial expenses.

So, if you're in the market for a prop trading firm that offers a balanced blend, Maverick Trading is a solid choice based on customer reviews and its service offerings.

Are you interested in taking the next step in your trading journey with Maverick Trading? Click here to learn more or get started with them today.

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