Marketing Tips: How to Gain More Exposure to Your Vacation Rental Property

Gain More Exposure to Your Vacation Rental Property

If you’re in the real estate business, or you have a property that you’re wanting to rent or list as a vacation destination on Airbnb, there are a few things you need to know about when it comes to marketing your vacation rental property.

The traditional methods of hammering a two-foot wooden stake into the ground with a paper sign on top and hoping for someone to drive by and call the number have fallen to the wayside. Though some people still advertise by this method alone, they’re really missing out on the advantages of modern technology.

Whether you’re seeking advice on vacation rental property management, or just looking for a few marketing tips to consider for listing your property, educating yourself is your best asset.

Here, we’ll explore some unique real estate marketing techniques that are sure to get people clicking on your listing.

Create Neighborhood Specific Content

Blogging is truly an untapped resource when it comes to digital marketing in the real estate space. It’s not that there aren’t any real estate bloggers out there. In fact, there are plenty, but these blogs aren’t generally neighborhood-specific. And, that’s the key to leveraging this unique method.

If you do an internet search about the neighborhood where your property is located, you’re sure to find a few groups or pages that have information regarding your neighborhood.

If you can find a neighborhood group site such as on Facebook, consider creating informative neighborhood-specific content along with a link to your listing. You can also request to add content to local restaurant and business websites as well in your area.

Get creative. Make videos and write-ups for distribution on social media, and private sites. Or, email local group administrators and ask to submit guest posts. The more exciting information you offer will increase the exposure your neighborhood is getting. Which might just land you a referral to your property as well.

Hosting House Parties

Probably the best way to get eyes on your property as a vacation listing is to host a house party. Not only will this allow you to meet other professionals in your neighborhood, but these individuals could also turn into contacts to aid you in landing referrals.

Create a lively atmosphere and offer an incentive to attend the housewarming party. Consider offering a raffle for a free night’s stay in exchange for a review.

With more people in the neighborhood knowing that you’re using your home as an income opportunity, the more exposure you’ll get when trying to promote your listing. Besides being a great way to showcase your home, it will get people talking and perhaps they’ll send you a referral or two later on down the road.

Market On Third Party Sites

Today, the number of sites that specialize in business networking is continually growing. Networking with these sites only increases the exposure you already have. Plus, you’ll be able to invite people from all over the country (or the world) to view your listing.

Some sites even have their own marketing resources that they’ll provide you with if you choose to sign on with one of their agents to market your property. This is essentially like choosing a realtor for your vacation listing. But you still have a greater degree of control over what you’re spending and how you’re listing your property.

The trick to using third-party sites is to firmly understand their policies, and their fees if applicable. As most real estate agents charge a percentage fee, the same is true with some third-party sites. Some, however, have a flat rate which is a much cheaper alternative than when using a real estate agency.

Owning a vacation rental property is a business. Even if this isn’t your primary source of income, you should treat it exactly like any business venture you’d pursue. This means educating yourself on all the in’s and out’s of the vacation property marketplace.

By gaining maximum exposure and using digital marketing tools to your advantage, you’ll be able to raise the stats of your vacation rental listing. This keeps that side income rolling in. 

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