How to Manage your Studies and Business Simultaneously

How to Manage your Studies and Business Simultaneously

Successful entrepreneurs often recommend people start a business as early as possible. It is because jumping into a business venture at a young age gives you a significant edge over others. For example, no matter how gifted a person may be, he/she is likely to make a fair share of mistakes during the entrepreneurial journey.  Meeting these failures early in the course of a business startup means you will unpack success formulas at a tender age. Rest assured, getting an early idea of the business world will come in handy for the rest of your life, not to mention your studies.  And, yes, it is possible to manage your studies and a business simultaneously!

However, despite an array of visible advantages, we do not see too many people around us taking advantage of this option. The reason being that they do not want to miss out on their studies while giving their energies to the business venture. It appears like a big obstacle because both domains require extreme dedication and hard work. Depending on the business you are working on and the course you want to pursue, one may have to cope with severe trials down the road.   

But guess what? There are ways to engage in studies and business simultaneously. Does it sound too good to be true, just like an MBA online with no GMAT? Well, you need to navigate through the following strategies before judging us:          

  • Know your potential

It is quite tempting to choose maximum course loads and try to complete the degree at the earliest. However, that is not a smart choice while running a business. So it would help if you never went beyond what you can handle so that you can manage your studies and business both. 

However, the question is what the ideal number of courses an average student could complete in a semester without burning out is? As you might guess, it is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It depends upon the intellect and motivation of an individual. Nobody knows yourself better than you. Therefore, evaluate your potential with an unbiased lens and then take a decision.

A pro tip would be to opt for courses that overlap with your business. It could be useful to take some burden off your shoulders. Let's say, if you are making a presentation on the budget for a business purpose, you may utilize similar critical points in a course assignment.   

  • Consider taking classes online 

The popularity of online courses is surging with every passing day. Illustrated by a comprehensive report, more than 6 million students are getting online education in the USA alone. Remember, many schools and colleges make it mandatory for students to maintain a healthy attendance rate. If the respective institution is far away from your location, attending classes frequently could be a grave task. 

In that case, online courses might be your cup of tea. You can attend them on the go or while being in the office. An added benefit that comes with online classes is that you will get away with travel costs. Indeed, it might not be a lucrative amount. But every penny counts, especially when the business is in the initial phase.  

  • Leverage technology 

People who take on both business and studies simultaneously undergo enormous stress during the exam season. It is the time when they have tons of notes piled up. Of course, it is a very daunting task to dig up all the notes right at the exams' onset. They can consume a lot of time and divert you from business activities. That is where technology rolls into action. 

Instead of taking notes conventionally, you are better off using an app. The most significant upshot of tapping into an app is that you will have the study material gathered in a single place. Better still, one can divide notes into different folders according to subjects.  Doing this can help you manage studies and business better.

While topping it all off, many apps provide the voice feature to record notes verbally. Enough of reading the document word by word. Plugin the earphone and start listening without any hassle whatsoever.    

  • Use time smartly 

It is a commonplace thing among young entrepreneurs to state they lack time for study. But the fact is that it all comes down to time management at the end of the day. You can manage studies and business simultaneously. However, you can't complain about running short of time if you take a long lunch break or spare two hours watching tv regularly. Here are some of the tips that will improve time management big time:

  • Set time-bound business and study goals. Being realistic is the key here. 
  • Break down goals into small phases. 
  • Avoid procrastinating. Procrastinating is the number one enemy of productivity. Find out ways to keep it at a safe distance. 
  • Track activities having nothing to do with your studies or business and then gradually ditch them. 


  • Let teachers know you are into a business

Think about it; you are all set to sign a significant deal with a client. And, on the same date, you have to be present in the class to attempt exams. The odds are, you will be pitted against such scenarios more than once during the academic years. The best way to confront this dilemma is to unveil your entrepreneurial venture to teachers. Most probably, they will find an alternative that aligns with your needs. What is more, tutors might even offer excellent counseling down the line.      

  • Keep physical and mental health intact

The study, along with work, tends to take a toll on health. Once you are mentally and physically down and out, it can be challenging to bounce back. Deteriorating health is one of the primary reasons why people give up halfway. Therefore, it is highly advisable to take proper measures and maintain robust health. 

The walk is good to keep mental and physical health intact. Do not assume you have to spend a tremendous amount of time on that. Experts suggest that walking for just 30-minutes will make a world of difference to mind and body. 

Wrapping up:

Studying and working together is a tough job to pull off successfully. But it is not as difficult as many people out there would like to assume. Frankly, if you follow the right tactics like those mentioned above, it becomes pretty possible to manage your studies and business responsibilities.    

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