Magnet Marketners: 9 Trends for Social Media in 2017

Magnet Marketners: 9 Trends for Social Media in 2017

It’s the start of a new year once again, so we have another crop of predictions for social media. Will there be big changes? Find out in this fearless forecast:

Automatic Messaging

For faster response times, chatbots will provide real-time answers to FAQs. The need for responses from humans will be saved for more complicated inquiries. Facebook is already at the helm of this technology when they included automatic responses in their Messenger app.

Better Personalization

With technology getting more precise, expect to get more personalized content in 2017. Your location, browsing habits, search history, and all other influencing factors will all play a role in the delivery of content you’ll find interesting.

Disappearing Content

Snapchat started the trend of offering content that expires after a certain time period (usually 24 hours), and Instagram and Facebook followed suit. Expect more users of this content delivery method in 2017. After all, it’s perfect for time-sensitive announcements and sneak peeks.

Live Videos

Both individuals and businesses alike have embraced live videos in 2016, and that will carry over to this year. From fun clips of parties to controversial shots of current events, live videos prove to be a powerful way of capturing things as they happen.

Micro-Influencer Marketing

In 2017, minor celebrities like bloggers and social media stars will be favored by brands in an effort to reach more people. They’re a step up from an average consumer, but they’re more accessible and relatable than big Hollywood names. The use of these so-called micro-influencers works because they’re effective for word-of-mouth marketing.

Mobile First

More people use smartphones, so it’s no surprise that the mobile platform is given importance over desktop. In fact, Google is already working on a  mobile-first web index to give mobile-friendly sites more leverage. Thus, it’s time for websites to be mobile-friendly if they don’t want to be left behind in search engine results.

Quality Content

Bye, fluff and filler content. Before frequency of posts was seen as more effective so there was a proliferation of short pieces. But now, longer posts, better videos, and richer whitepapers are deemed more relevant and substantial both by search engines and real people.

Response Time

Facebook now lists the responsiveness of a business on its page, so people will know whether or not they can expect an answer within the timeframe they want. This pushes businesses to reply as soon as they can if they don’t want potential customers to look for someone who can give what they want sooner. But how fast is fast? Half an hour is the usual expectation.

Virtual Reality

It’s no longer just the stuff of sci-fi movies. Virtual reality is here, and it’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services. Something as simple as a 360-degree photo added to a listing can make a big difference. Facebook, Wordpress, and YouTube already support this format.

It looks like 2017 will usher in many changes in social media. Can your business keep up?



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