Are you Like Mike?

You've heard it said, "Be Like Mike..."  Are you like Mike?


No, not me, nor the great Michael Jordan.  We're talking about the "Digital Mike" of 2015!

This is a great infographic profile of the digital user.  Businesses need to understand how we operate!

Mike and friends check their smartphone throughout the day, every day. Mike easily forms opinions on your companies, largely through a few seconds on their website, and he will happily post his thoughts on social media.

Mike also reads reviews about companies, restaurants, and places, and he pays close attention to what his friends think when making a purchase!  He often asks them on Social Media what they think of something.

Huge key: Mike is loyal. He’s a big fan of your brand, and will keep buying your stuff....if you continue to treat him right.  If you make a major mistake or lose his trust, Mike will move on quickly and decisively to someone else....who does what you do.

This is a great visual from Reuven Gorsht that takes a closer look at the customer of 2015.  Enjoy.


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