Life in Alaska - Finding Community and Beauty in a Remote Land

Life in Alaska - Finding Community and Beauty in a Remote Land

For many, a dream vacation will involve relaxing on a sandy beach or by a pool with a drink in hand. Some will want to visit famous tourist spots and museums. Whereas, others might prefer to roam the streets of a famous city. No matter what your interests are, there's a place that can fit your needs. But what if that place isn't exactly where you want to be?

What if you've dreamed of living in Alaska a bustling metropolis with museums and art galleries to visit, yet you crave a connection to nature and the great outdoors? Or, perhaps, you're interested in pursuing a career in education and want to become a principal or teacher? What if you are a writer and want to find a community of other aspiring creatives?

If you're an Alaskan, how do you feel about the idea of finding the "perfect" vacation spot? How about others who have occasionally longed for a more traditional summer holiday?

We want to spotlight the best places for those looking to create a new life for themselves in Alaska. We'll cover everything from climate to cultural influences, so you can decide whether or not this is the place you want to call home for the next few months or years.

The Last Frontier

We'll begin by defining exactly what we mean by the term "Alaska." Located in North America, the state of Alaska is actually made up of nine different regions, known as boroughs. These boroughs are divided into townships, which are then divided into a network of villages. The most populous of these regions is Anchorage, with around 127,000 people calling it home. Just under a quarter of the state's population resides in the capital city. The majority of the population is located in the surrounding areas.

It is well known that Alaska is the largest state in the U.S.A., so it should come as no great surprise that the land is quite expansive. Still, this is not precisely what we mean by "remote." For many Alaskans, the word "remote" is an insult. It implies that the place is difficult to get to, or that it's not worth the effort. However, as we'll discuss, these places are more accessible than ever before. Primarily due to the improvements in technology and the opening of more doors. Not to mention, more affordable fares on airlines. If you've ever dreamed about living in a breathtaking natural location with incredible wildlife, remote Alaska is the place to make your dream a reality.

Located next to Canada, the state of Alaska is known for its breathtaking scenery and abundance of wildlife. One of the most famous and recognizable locations in North America is undoubtedly the Statue of Liberty. The copper-clad lady stands tall overlooking the city of New York, a symbol of freedom and a monument to those who came before.

The Greatest Hometown in the Country

To be clear, we aren't suggesting that every place in Alaska is perfect for everyone. Far from it. In fact, many parts of the state are quite isolated, with dangerous wildlife (such as grizzly bears and polar bears) living in the areas near the Arctic Circle. These regions are extremely cold and dark, which can make for some pretty dangerous living. In the winter, temperatures can drop to near zero. During this, it's common for snowdrifts to reach five feet high. However, in summer, the sun doesn't even set. Thus, making 24-hour daylight (which naturally leads to more heat produced by the body).

The point is that not all parts of Alaska are created equal, and you must be prepared to accept the consequences of choosing to live (or vacation) in these regions. If you do decide to make Alaska your new home, there are still plenty of other places where you can find peace and beauty. Not to mention, access to jobs and adventure – all within an hour's drive of the city.

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