Key Instagram Updates For October 10th

It’s starting to feel a lot more like fall here on the East Coast. This fall has brought us a number of new social media updates with Instagram and other platforms. They will get us ready for a busy holiday season with new e-commerce features for ads and games. Let’s get to it!

Instagram Removes its 'Following' Tab 

Some of you may have noticed already but Instagram is removing its ‘Following’ tab. The following tab came out in 2011 and previously it was the best way to explore new content by showing your friends activity.

Why It Matters

Since the ‘Explore’ tab has come out, it has far surpassed the ’Following’ tab for finding new and trending content so Instagram decided to remove the ‘Following’ tab. This is not a big deal but just something to be aware of that changes the interface a bit.

Instagram Shopping Reminders

Instagram has a new feature for Stories. This feature allows you to set shopping reminders for when a new product is coming out so you don’t miss it and can be one of the first to purchase the product. Currently, shopping reminders are only available for top brands like Adidas, Warby Parker, Levi’s and more. However, it would be worthwhile for you to follow these companies to see how they use the feature so your business is ready when it is released to everyone. 

Why It Matters

This feature is currently mostly only being used for physical products, however, it has the potential to be used for all types of businesses. This new shopping reminder feature will be a great way to gauge interest in a product and boost e-commerce sales for new items.

Instagram's Now Testing New AR 'Try On' Ads

Instagram is now testing a new augmented reality ‘Try On’ ad. This new ad will allow users the ability to engage with an ad for a product virtually and see how the item looks on them.

Why It Matters

This ad type is only available to selected advertisers right now, however, this new ad type has the possibility to really boost engagement and response with product ads. It is an extension to the same ad feature for Facebook, however; Instagram might have an even higher engagement from users due to the high e-commerce presence on the platform and user demographics.

Snapchat Enables In-Game Purchases

Snapchat now enables in-game purchases for the first time with a new Adidas campaign. This new interactive campaign allows users to purchase a product in a game that features the product. For example, Adidas has a home-run derby challenge campaign coinciding with the MLB playoffs. In the game, you can change your cleats and then even buy them for yourself right in the game.

Why It Matters

Snapchat’s new feature not only helps boost their gaming and advertising ambitions but expands the e-commerce opportunities on the platform. These new games and product tie-ins with in-app purchasing provide a new and unique way for brands to create new engaging and immersive campaigns for their audience.  While it’s only being used with big brands right now it’s good to be aware of what may be available down the line.

LinkedIn Skills Assessments With LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn skill assessments. It’s a program where you take quizzes and earn badges for skills you’ve listed on your LinkedIn Profile. If you score in the 70th percentile or above you receive a verified skill badge and if you don’t pass, LinkedIn has free learning courses to help you improve your skills.

Why It Matters

LinkedIn’s skill assessments can be useful if you are looking for a job or trying to find the right employee. The badge helps them know that you are capable of that specific task, gives you credibility, and lets whoever is looking at your page know that you have what it takes.

That’s all for this update! Here's the previous social media updates, and check back in two weeks for the latest new social media updates.

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