Is It Better to Create Evergreen Content or Cover Trending Topics on Your Blog?

Better to Create Evergreen Content or Cover Trending Topics

Do you want to step up your blogging game this year? Having a blog can be a great way to help with your business’s SEO strategy. It can help to build your authority in the industry and be a way to optimize your website and move up on Google SERPs.

Something you are going to have to think about is what type of content you are going to create. It is important to efficiently and effectively create content that will attract the right audience and that performs as you want. Namely, you need to choose between evergreen content or trending content. Let’s take a look at what these are and the best content for your blog.

Evergreen Content

Let’s start by considering evergreen content. This is content you create that remains relevant on the internet even when time has passed. In other words, it is information that people always want to know. Think about it as content that ‘stays green’ no matter what season or time of year it is.

So, why is evergreen content good? Well, it often delivers stable results in terms of traffic. Thus, you can enjoy a steady stream of visitors all the time. Otherwise, you may see spikes at certain points of the year and then nothing for months. Evergreen content is viewed as a consistent deliverer. Thus, is a long-term solution for websites wanting to attract more visitors.

Of course, evergreen content is only going to have a positive effect on your website when it is high quality. In other words, you have still got to put in the time and effort. Especially, when it comes to research, finding valuable information, and writing in an engaging way for your audience. You need to offer something special since competitors may have already covered this topic before. Do not forget that you also want to learn other SEO techniques so that you can make the most of your content. As an example, you can really make the most of what evergreen content can deliver by using keywords in the title. This can boost your Google rankings and gather the right audience.

Trending Content

When we talk about trending content, we are referring to blog posts that cover topical or current subjects. For example, imagine that a new and innovative piece of technology for winter was released and everybody was talking about it. If you were to write a blog post about it during the wintertime, this would be classed as trending content. The reason for this is that it is relevant at the time and it is likely to attract a lot of visitors.

There are some advantages to covering trending topics on your blog. For example, they may be highly relevant to your business. This can help trust with customers and generate authority for your brand. Often, the content is easier and quicker to write about. Indeed, if it is a topic that everyone is talking about, it is likely your website will gain a lot of visitors very quickly.

However, one of the downsides to creating trending content is that it can be seasonal. In other words, trends will come and go in any industry. This means that while you can generate a lot of traffic to your website to begin with, this effect is only going to last a certain amount of time. For instance, this could be only a few months or even a few weeks before the next trend kicks in. Later on, when everybody moves on to another topical issue, they are no longer going to care about this. Then, your blog post can attract no traffic at all. Trending content is not viewed as part of a long-term SEO strategy.

What is Best for My Business Blog?

There is one overarching goal that every business owner has when they are creating a blog. They want to attract visitors to their website. So, when you are choosing between evergreen content and trending content, think about what is going to attract the most visitors. Also, consider how long this topic is going to work.

Ultimately, your SEO strategy should be a long-term plan that is going to benefit your business in the future. You want to make sure that all of the hard work and effort you are putting into this task now is going to pay off for years to come. Thus, evergreen content is usually the reliable one to choose. This is especially true if you are pushed for time. This is not to say that covering some trending topics will not be beneficial. But, you should make sure it is very relevant and important for your brand to cover.

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