8 iPhone Tricks and Tips + Bonus Siri Tips

The iPhone is one of the most-used and in-demand smartphone devices around the globe, and it has tools and iPhone tricks you have likely never used!

It's become one of the standards for those wanting to text, use apps, and access the web on the go. Many companies have adopted it as the primary phone for their employees. With Apple launching the powerful and larger iPhone 6 and 6+, the iPhone is simply continuing to grow even more in use and popularity.

Since it is so popular and used by so many in businesses, it's worth our time to dive into a number of important, but often overlooked, tips and hacks that make your iPhone even more powerful and efficient for you to use. Let's jump in!

iPhone tricks

The Shake

Did you know your iPhone has an "Etch-a-Sketch-Like" feature? It does. Simply shake the phone the next time you make a typing mistake. Shaking activates a prompt to "Undo typing?" which can clear the screen and lets you start over again!

Swipe texts Left

Missed a text? Find out exactly when it came in with this nifty little tip. You can view the timestamp of when a text was received by pulling the text bubble from right to left.

Charge your Battery Faster

Did you know that if you switch your phone to "Airplane Mode" it will charge faster? This shuts off the system from having locations service and other battery-draining features going, so the result is a faster iPhone charge!

Finish your Web Domain

Want to search for a website in Safari or add a web address when typing in a new email? This tip is great! Simply type in a email address or website domain and when you get to the "dot" part, hold down the "." (period) key and up will pop the most frequent domain types including ".com", ".net", and ".org", making it easy to complete the domain without typing any other characters.

Save your Battery Life

An easy and quick way to give your battery more life is to turn done the brightness on your phone. Flick the admin screen up from the bottom of your phone (with iOS 6 and above). The top slider will adjust the brightness on your phone.

Take a Selfie with your Earbuds

This is for the crowd into the "selfie" movement. In camera mode or video mode, press the volume + button on your Apple earbuds to take a photo with your camera.

Talk instead of type

Maybe you have cramps in your thumbs? Press the little microphone next to the space bar and dictate your text messages rather than type. It's one of the most useful iPhone tricks there is!

Listen instead of Read

You can also have your iPhone read everything to you by using Speech in Accessibility under the "General" settings. You can even choose the language your iPhone speaks. A bonus tip that I use is that you can set a two-finger swipe shortcut that when activated and used within Accessibility will then immediately read to you the content on the screen you are on. It's perfect for email while on the go!

iphone tricks

That Siri, she's a time saver! Here are some special Siri tricks you can do with Siri:

Ask Siri to post to Facebook for you

Ask Siri and she will post to Facebook for you. Good for posting while your hands are busy washing dishes or pulling weeds. Siri can also post to Twitter for you.

Hook Siri up with your family

Ask Siri to call your father and she'll ask for his name. She'll then ask if you want her to remember your father's name. The next time you tell Siri to call your father she'll know who he is. You can add your cleaners, doctor, Pizza place, insurance agent, etc, you'll just need to let Siri know who they are!

Lost? Have Siri Take you home

Add your address to your phone number and then just ask Siri to take you home. She'll map out the best route for you and give you turn-by-turn directions!

Use Siri to check Twitter

Just ask Twitter what Mike Gingerich is saying. She hooks up with Twitter and will then give you a list of my latest tweets!

Use Siri to wake you up

As Siri to wake you up in 3 hours and it/she will set an alarm to go off in 3 hours! How sweet is that?

So that's a wrap on some quick and handy iPhone tricks and tips to help you maximize the powerful computer in your pocket! Save time and be more efficient. What tricks can you do with your iPhone? Please share them here. I LOVE to learn about cool things I can do with my iPhone!

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