Investing in Crypto Long-Term

Investing in Crypto Long-Term

Navigating the financial world is complicated to say the least.  The majority of us know about stocks, bonds, and even commodity investing.  However, new things are sweeping the investment world and making a lot of people turn their heads.  If you have not already guessed, the biggest of these is cryptocurrency and investing in crypto long-term is now a viable investment opportunity.

Admittedly, wrapping our heads around this asset can be difficult.  There are a lot of different types.  Making the decision to invest isn’t one we should make hastily – rather, we should do some research on the markets and try to really get a full picture.  It is a bit of a risky venture because it is so new, but with high risk comes high reward!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Let me start here.  At its core, cryptocurrency is a form of digital exchange that is encrypted and decentralized.  This makes it quite different from traditional currencies such as the United States dollar.  You see, the government manages the value of the dollar and does its best to maintain it.

There is no such thing in this market, though.  No central authority rules it.  If you’re curious about this topic you can read more here:  It is a good idea to read up as much as you can before making the decision to invest.


Now that you know what it is, you might be wondering what you can use it for.  It may not seem super practical, but that is far from the case in fact!  You can use it both in investing and in your daily life – it’s all in your choices.

One of the ways people use crypto as an asset is by doing something unique called yield farming.  This is when you lend it to companies and collect interest on what they borrow.  Many people do this because it can take a while to see immediate gains when you purchase one of these digital coins.  Yield farming is one way to get faster payouts – just keep in mind that these transactions are not protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Next, you could help startup digital tokens by investing in them with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).  This process can be a bit complicated, so you may want to do some research.  However, it is one way to help promote diversity in the digital token world and a potential option for what to do with yours!

You can also use it to help secure your retirement.  To find the best cryptocurrency ira companies you will want to search around a little, of course.  However, if you are thinking of long-term plans, this is something you may want to pursue.  We all want a happy and successful retirement, so finding ways to assure this happens is always helpful.

What many people use their crypto for is personal transactions.  These can be anonymous, protecting confidentiality when we want it.  You can use certain types of tokens to do this, so keep that in mind if you make a lot of transactions you would like to keep private.

Finally, you can exchange your coins for gift cards, since most retailers do not accept these currencies just yet.  While some online websites do, these are quite rare.  You can instead convert your coins into a gift card of equal value to get some everyday use out of them.

Types of Coins

Investing in Crypto Long-Term

As I have alluded to above, there are many different types of crypto coins.  The most famous of course is Bitcoin.  It dates back to 2009.  I remember hearing about it and thinking it was just a fad, but I was wrong.

You can read more about this coin here,, but it is not the only one on the market.  It is simply one of the preferred choices for investing in crypto long-term because it has been around longer than the others and has a fair amount of legitimacy.  If you are new to investing in this field, you may want to start here.

Now, Bitcoins can be “mined” online.  This is done by racing with others to figure out difficult mathematic equations.  However, most people simply purchase amounts of the currency as an investment rather than doing this.

Next, there is Ether.  It is usually seen as ETH and was launched in 2015.  It is the currency used on the application called Ethereum and is specific to that platform.  The intent of Ethereum is providing a place for people to create applications that are decentralized and accessible to all people.  

While ETH is now fairly common, it is not as valuable as Bitcoin.  Something to note is that nothing is currently as valuable as the first token on our list, though that is subject to change.  Make sure to research whatever coin you choose.

Another type is called Cardano, known as (ADA).  It was created by a team of engineers and mathematicians.  They have done a lot of research on blockchain, one of the main parts of investing in this market, and that is the foundation of the currency and what gives it credibility.

There are plenty of other coins out there, like the joke-turned-real Dogecoin.  Selecting the kind, you want will really be up to you.  Examine the market trends and choose a token that seems right to you.  You can see a list of some of them on this page.


Now that you understand what cryptocurrency is and how it works, you are better prepared to start utilizing them as an asset.  You can earn money in a multitude of different ways, of course.  However, you choose to proceed, think about your plans for the long run and consider investing in crypto long-term versus short-term.

This sort of investing can help us start to build up our retirement funds early, for example.  You can also have a higher sense of income security if you play your cards right.  If you are feeling unsure, you can always consult with an expert.  Just make sure you are thinking as you pursue this!

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