Instagram Business Profiles: Updated Tools


If you've been using Instagram to market your business or were thinking about it, there’s news that’s good for businesses!  With the large number of businesses using the platform, the Instagram team has now released business profiles on Instagram. Making the most informed business decisions based on your Instagram activity is no longer a guessing game. Instagram Insights is here!

What You'll Need to Get Started With an Instagram Business Profile

You'll need a Facebook page already dedicated to your business to create an Instagram Business Profile. Why are these connected?  Due to the fact that Facebook owns Instagram and is keeping them combined.  Next, open the Instagram app on your smartphone.  Simply tap the icon of your picture at the bottom right corner of your device's screen to begin the process and complete as followed:

  • Choose the 'View Features' option, or “Settings” on an iPhone
  • Browse the quick overlook of these new features
  • Tap the 'Next' link to connect your Facebook Business Page to your new Instagram business profile. (Use “Switch to Business Profile” on an iPhone)

Using the New Instagram Business Profile Tools to Your Advantage

One of the first things you'll notice is the ability to add business contact information to your Instagram account. This means you don't have to rely on customers clicking your website's link, anymore. You can add your location as well. Potential clients or customers can now reach you via email, text, and phone.  Instagram pulls this information in directly from your Facebook Page.

Possibly the most profound addition to business profiles is Insights. Insights is a built-in analytics tool used to monitor several important factors that have a direct effect on sales made through the platform. It gives you the ability to analyze your views, website clicks and followers. Instagram Insights help to find information about the location your posts are viewed and age and gender demographics.

You can promote any post you choose for your desired duration and budget to get more visibility on the platform as well. You also have the ability to target users at large, or to specify demographics, including the age of users, gender, location, and specific interests so that your promoted post reaches your exact, ideal audience.

Even if you're new to digital marketing, the business profile is simple to setup from your existing Instagram account, and with the analytics, paid ads, and accessibility, it’s a no-brainer to move to the business profile. You don't have to create Instagram posts, hoping the right demographic in the right location sees them and purchases from your website. With an Instagram business profile, you can now be proactive in making it happen!

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