Initiate an Informed Delivery Campaign

Initiate an Informed Delivery Campaign

Rising internet usage by the users and marketing by the businesses means that the daily digital clutter is going to increase manifold. Now it’s going to become even tougher for sellers to cut through the competition. An effective informed delivery campaign is now dependent more and more on changing strategies and trying new concepts. This feature introduced by the United States Postal Service is the latest breakthrough in business promotional campaigns. The feature essentially allows the customers to see what they are about to receive in their emails. 

Informed Delivery Campaign

For business owners looking to promote their businesses, this feature allows greater customization through daily sent mails. Once the customer allows the informed delivery by confirming his mailing and physical address, he starts receiving greyscale images through email and then actual mail in his physical mailbox. 

It is entirely possible that the customer may not receive or access the mail in time. But the time-sensitive nature of business deals can’t afford this delay. Through informed delivery, business mailers get the enormous opportunity to convey their message instantly even before the customer receives the mail. More and more businesses are now employing this method to increase awareness about their specific products and services. If you haven’t benefited from the informed delivery services yet, follow the steps mentioned below to set up your effective informed delivery campaign and increase your customer base.

Steps to an Effective Campaign

An effective campaign will require customer listing. Various tools are available that can help you track customers. Apply data processing software for authentic address collection and verification of customers. 

  • Create content in such a way as to entice the customers. Designing your mail package to show ride-along content can serve to catch the attention of the customers. You can also include a link with your content to take them to the payment or further details page. 
  • In the case of new products, include a ride-along image of that product to engage your customers. Attach a link with the image to take them to your web page.
  • For business promotions, introduce yourself in such a way that you catch the attention of the customer. An engaging video is a good option.
  • Provide links to your social media pages. Customers can get to know you better once they follow your daily activity.
  • Make your whole campaign data-driven, as it is found that such is more effective than their counterparts.
  • As most people use their smartphones for daily internet usage, make your content mobile-friendly. Keep the aspect ratio of your images compatible with screen sizes.
  • Select your class of mail from First-Class, Standard, and Periodical. Delivery location will also affect the delivery timing. Make sure to adjust your operation around these points.

Informed delivery has a combined effect of email, ride-along content and physical mail which increases the chances of getting the attention of customers as the research has found that people are more likely to respond to emails they have previewed before digitally. By following an effective strategy, higher customer engagement is guaranteed.

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