How to Turn Hearts into Revenues with Instagram Automated Messaging

How to Turn Hearts into Revenues with Instagram Automated Messaging

Online popularity may be a goal in itself for private users of social media. However, businesses must always be looking at ways to translate engagement and positive emotion into tangible business growth benefits. Automated messages delivered by AI-driven bots could provide a new avenue that Instagram marketers would be wise to explore.

What is Monetization and Why It Matters in Social Media Marketing?

Social media platforms such as Instagram reach hundreds of millions of people and represent perfect online outlets for a wide range of businesses. This is why businesses use them to interact with customers, present basic brand values, and comment on a range of social issues. While activities of this kind can improve the public profile of the company, they typically don’t have any direct impact on sales. Monetization is the process of translating online attention into money. It does this by executing various marketing campaigns and facilitating sales. This is an important concern that impacts the long-term outlook of a corporate online presence. However, it’s frequently overlooked in favor of chasing popularity. Make no mistake - love, and attention on social networks are great, but in order for the relationship to be sustainable, it’s necessary to find realistic ways of profiting from all the likes and shares.

Using Interactive Tools to Drive Up Conversions

Communication is a two-way street in the online environment. Thus, companies looking to build revenues through social media campaigns have to think proactively. Instagram may be primarily a visual social platform, but it’s also a place where interactive conversations take place. Those who are capable of steering the narrative in their direction stand to gain a lot. Of course, the sheer size of social platforms presents a huge challenge. Especially, since it’s very difficult to handle this kind of volume with a manual approach.

That’s why forward-thinking businesses are adopting automated messaging marketing tools. These include using social messaging bots that can reach audiences at scale on autopilot. In fact, private messaging bots are perfectly legitimate and Facebook even encourages the use of them. Such tools can be used to initiate sales-oriented interactions and direct online followers towards the purchase pages. Ideally, this should be done in an organic manner and without pressuring anyone into rush decisions. Thus simultaneously improving revenue and keeping the online audience happy.

The Role of ChatBots for Monetizing Instagram Content

In order to cope with the volume of the campaign while retaining a personal touch, businesses are increasingly deploying custom chatbots capable of maintaining a natural flow of conversation. This is possible thanks to great advances in bot design technology. The incorporation of AI-driven linguistic features also helps. You can program these new social conversational experiences in many different ways and serve multiple functions at the same time. From providing customer support to spearheading promotional efforts. In a typical case, savvy use of chatbots should result in an increase of Instagram followers. Not to mention, the growth of revenue from the online channel. This simple tool has the potential to transform how businesses are approaching social media. However, it must be used as a part of a wider strategy that pays attention to monetization.

“The vast majority of incoming messages are pre-purchase, so brands that use Instagram messaging will have a marketing edge, with the crumbling of third-party cookies taking ownership of these one-to-one relationships is even more important”, explained, Ryan Dearlove, the founder of Chit Chat, a leading chatbot development company.

How to Start with ChatBots on Instagram?

The best thing about chatbots is that all businesses can benefit from them. If you use the right partners it is also really simple to start. It’s all about understanding your own brand and its priorities. Bots are easy to program and can assume a unique style and tone of conversation using the objectives of the campaign.

Adam Mosseri (Head Of Instagram) recently said that for 2022 Instagram “will focus more on messaging”. So, is your business ready to start building one-to-one relationships via these automated messaging channels?

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