How to Streamline Online Meetings

You may be under the impression that online meetings are a reasonably new thing due to their popularity and surge in use during this pandemic. They’ve not just been there to support businesses and retain the human side of work. Still, friends and families have incorporated them into their routine for catch-ups, celebrations and events that can’t be done together right now for obvious reasons.

They are now a pivotal and core method of communicating with the outside world. There are many options available, but all have some excellent features which you could implement into your business and really streamline your operations. The most common type of online meetings the majority of us participate in daily are:

  • Client meetings. Maybe you are having a catch-up, review or need to demo your service to a new prospect.
  • Internal team meetings. Necessary to keep up the camaraderie and morale during this period with some face-to-face contact.
  • One-on-one meetings. Maybe an employee review which needs to be kept private or a conversation with a fellow shareholder about personal items.

One thing’s for certain; online meetings are here to stay. If you’re not currently utilizing all the amazing features of the applications which provide them, you may lose your competitive edge. That's not a position you want to find yourself in!

How to Streamline Online Meetings

When Is the Best Time To Start Using Online Meetings?

If you’re not already using online meetings, you need to. It puts a face to the brand and ensures you stand out in the sea of companies vying for opportunities. Even though the world is mainly online at the moment and it’s hard to tell when everything will go back to normal, the last thing you want to do is lose your people skills and let your business suffer because of it.

Without a doubt, you should be using online meetings if:

  • You need to pitch your product or service to clients.
  • Other team members work for you.
  • You need to be more organized with how you schedule meetings.
  • You’re looking for a more personal touch to your meetings.

As you will find, the benefits of online meetings are huge. It essentially comes down to giving yourself the best opportunity to streamline the way you communicate your business both internally and externally. By adding video conferencing into a picture, you are streamlining the process. In result, you can reap a huge amount of benefits, including:

  • Setting up your calls in advance and scheduling reminders, so you don’t miss important calls.
  • The ability to share your screen and show presentations, brand decks, and other documents may promote your business. It can also help equip your colleagues/employees.
  • Being able to speak and communicate with large amounts of people at once
  • Signing into calls which you have been invited to and having it on mute so you can multitask by watching/listening to calls whilst carrying out other tasks
  • Catching up with family or friends on the same platform
  • Customizable and creative features with video and imagery

Online business Meetings

So What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Streamline This Process?

It’s the same with any area of your business. Once you outline how you will do something and start practising it, the mindset should then switch to improving the way you operate. Take advantage of technology’s power and the wealth of information on the internet to help you use things like online meetings.

Develop and streamline your online meetings by:

  • Planning them in advance, getting them in the calendar and setting the relevant reminders, so you and the other parties join when you need to.
  • Recording your meetings to watch back and review. Plus use the content to educate, train and inform internally to your employees or colleagues.
  • Setting these reminders with enough time before the meetings so you can start promptly.
  • Controlling the mute and video settings according to your meeting goals to avoid any disruptions, especially when pitching to prospective clients.
  • Using features like background blurs to avoid disruption further.
  • Utilizing the live settings, for example, a nudge to someone who is trying to speak but has forgotten to unmute their mic (happens all the time!.)
  • Taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts to become an online meeting wizard and give everyone the best experience every time.

There are so many awesome benefits to using online meetings, and you could catapult your productivity and results forward in the right way. You may just find it to be an absolute game-changer, especially given the uncertainty of the pandemic. So the best thing to do is learn, use and have some fun along the way!

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