How To Start Your Own Custom T-shirt Printing Business

How To Start Your Own Custom T-shirt Printing Business

Starting your own business proves to be a challenging feat. This is because apart from an innovative idea that can cater to the needs of the market today, you also need to consider the potential users of your products and services, as well as all the logistics and processes that go behind the business. Add to this challenge the sources of funds that you need to establish your business.

Nevertheless, if you are considering a custom t-shirt printing business, then you have a greater chance of success. This is because the resources you need for a custom t-shirt making are readily available. In fact, you can even start this business from the comfort of your own home and then sell online such as many do with a profitable Etsy business. However, if you want to pursue this business, you need to come up with a unique idea that will set you apart from your competitors in the market. According to the experts behind, high quality t-shirts, affordable pricing, as well as a fast and hassle-free service can aid you in getting a fair share of the market. However, you also need to provide exceptional customer service to be able to generate positive feedback from your initial clients, which can attract new customers for your brand. If you are seriously considering a custom t-shirt printing business, here are some tips to get you started.

Conceptualize Innovative Designs

In starting your own custom t-shirt printing business, the first thing that you need to come up with is a unique design that will set you apart from your competitors. These designs can be used as a template, which your customers can further enhance to incorporate their own style and design preferences. You can also consider various printing methods that result in an embossed design or a matte finish to name a few. A creative design idea that will set you apart from what is already available in the market in terms of custom t-shirt printing will help you jumpstart your business, and may eventually catapult it into fame.

Create A Business Plan

Once you have a great idea to start with, the next thing that will help you build your business is crafting a strategic plan. This plan will include your business goals, setting up milestones that you want to achieve within a certain timeline. Your business plan should also include your product concept, as well as your target market. In terms of the former, include a printing test phase because you need to validate whether the idea you have in mind is doable. In terms of the latter, your marketing strategy, later on, will greatly depend on the target market you have specified in your business plan.

It will greatly help to perform specific market research to have sufficient data that will back up your business plan. Think about the demographics of your target market because the design of your shirts, as well as the processes involved in your business, depends on your customers. Consider who would be the potential buyers of your shirts and release beta products if possible to be able to gain valuable feedback regarding the customer insight on your product. Of course, your business plan would not be complete without a business name. Thus, think of a business name that is catchy, making your brand easy to remember for your potential customers.

Your business plan should also include your target cash flow. It should begin with the financial sources available for your business, and end with the target income you intend to generate from it. Thereby, clearly indicate on your business plan where you would source out the funds you need to start your business such as whether you have ample savings that you can use, or you need to apply for a business loan. If you opt for the latter, clearly indicate the tenure of the loan that you are considering, as well as a backup plan on how you will be able to pay for the loan in case there is not enough shirt sales from your business.

Process Legal Documents

Once you have an established business plan, the next thing that you need to focus on is the legalities surrounding a business entity. The requirements greatly depend on your jurisdiction, but at the very least, you may need to get licenses and permits, as well as copyrights and trademarks to protect your business name. This will make your business operations legal and this will also bind you to settle your taxes and fees.

Purchase Equipment

In a custom-t-shirt printing business, the basic equipment you will need is a computer and a textile printer. Software will aid you to effortlessly bring the design you have in mind into a visual piece while a textile printer will transform your design into the actual product. The key part of the whole operation is the printer. There are various brands to choose from, but if you want high-quality prints All American Print Supply offers just that with the Epson printer. However, there are other ways that you can custom print on shirts, which may entail the need for you to procure a different set of equipment. It can be that you are considering silk-screen printing or manual printing. In any case, purchasing the equipment you need is an important aspect of starting a custom t-shirt printing business.


Finally, think about your marketing strategy. This is important because no matter how unique your product is, if your target market is unaware that it exists, you will not be able to generate the sales you projected. An effective marketing strategy will allow you to reach your potential customers and as such, you can leverage on digital channels such as your own website or social media platforms, which are widely used in this modern day and age.

How To Start Your Own Custom T-shirt Printing Business

Purchase an online t-shirt designer tool

The global market for personalized t-shirt printing industry is expected to cross USD 10 billion by the year 2025. There is nothing better than investing in advanced t shirt design software when you are into the business of selling customized t-shirts. T-shirts designing tools for various categories like basic t-shirts, fashion t-shirts, pocketed t-shirts and performance t-shirts.

PSPs can make their online store stand out from others and add a dash of personal touch by allowing their customers to create fully customized t-shirt designs on your desktop or mobile storefront in minutes – from whichever vendor they purchase from via you.

Initially, you can purchase an online t-shirt design software that fulfills the basic requirements of your customers. Admin can determine this from backend settings. Storefront admin can set up functionalities like curved Text, Text Shadows, Multiple Colors for Texts, Text Outline, and other effects to create designer text styles.

T-shirt Designer Tool Feature:

  • Has simple and highly usable UI
  • Drag and Drop functionality for designing
  • Dash of personal touch by allowing your customers to design their own t-shirt
  • Your customer can upload Photos, Custom images, text effects and create designs from them
  • Your customer can Resize, Rotate and Flip the design components
  • There is no restriction on the type and number of t-shirts that can be designed using this tool
  • Come up with their own slogans and one-liners

To wrap things up, a custom t-shirt printing business is a viable source of income because with only a few resources necessary, you will already be capable of catering to your target market. You can even start this business from home, without the need for a brick and mortar shop immediately. Hence, if you are looking for a possible business venture, it is worthwhile to consider a t-shirt printing business.

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