How to Recover Deleted Excel Files [Easy & Fast Solutions]

Recover Deleted Excel File

It is common that we may accidentally delete a crucial file without a backup. Excel files are a prevalent file format for officers. It usually contains many kinds of data. In general, the deleted Excel files will be preserved in the Recycle Bin on your computer. Therefore, you can check it if you delete the file not a long while. But if you clean the Recycle Bin, your device will permanently remove the file.  To recover deleted Excel files that are not in the Recycle Bin, the solutions below will be helpful:

Method 1. Recover Deleted Excel Files with WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

WorkinTool Data Recovery Software is dedicated to recovering deleted and lost files from a computer. The primary reason to recommend it to you is that it is totally free to recover files throughout the whole recovery process. During our tests, we didn’t see any charges, and there are no premium plans on their official website. It is valuable as most data recovery software and services in the field are costly. They provide a long-term free trial since it is new to the industry and still needs others’ affirmation. Don’t worry about whether WorkinTool will leak your data, for it is free to use and requires no card details.

Though it is costless, it can lead to excellent file recovery results. It can quickly and deep scan your PC in seconds and restores them without breaking files. With a customizable filter feature, you can navigate to the target file directly. Moreover, it allows you to restore deleted files from many saving paths, including internal hard drives, external hard disks, virtual drives, USBs, SD cards, memory cards, etc. You can download the software directly from WorkinTool official website.

Strong Points

  • Entirely free to use
  • Scan and recover deleted files in seconds
  • Easy and friendly user interface for beginners
  • No usage times limits
  • No watermarks on the recovered files


  • Available for Windows only
  • Cannot connect to mobile phones directly.

How to recover deleted Excel files using WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

Step1. Install and Launch the WorkinTool Data Recovery. Select Deletion Recovery on the dashboard.

WorkinTool Data Recovery

Step2. Choose the drive you used to save the deleted Excel files and scan them.

WorkinTool Data Recovery2

Step3. Filter the scanned Excel files. You can filter by file name, format, deletion time, etc. But you must notice that the file name may be transformed through deleting. Pick the Excel files and hit the recover button to save them to a new folder on your computer.


Method 2. Restore the Deleted Excel with Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is proficient in recovering data and is one of the earliest data recovery software in the market. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile phones. Stellar helps you retrieve data of any format, including video, photo, excel, word document, PDF, PPT, etc. It also effectively deals with corrupted drives caused by system file errors, virus attacks, bad sectors, and more.

Stellar is efficient and easy to operate, but it has several limits on its free version. For example, the total recovered files for the free version must be within 1GB. If you need to retrieve more files, you will need tp activate its premium plans. These costs are from $29.99 to $299. In addition, some pro features, like recovering files from lost partitions, repairing multiple corrupted files simultaneously, recovering virtue drive, etc., are not accessible in its free version.

Strong Points

  • Reliable and professional with years of data recovery experience
  • Supports previewing the file to recover
  • Compatible with various systems and devices
  • Navigate to the target file without efforts


  • Limits on recovered data
  • Por features cost

How to recover deleted Excel files using Stellar Data Recovery

Step1. Download and install Stellar Data Recovery. Open it and choose Office Document as the format you want to recover. Then press Next.

Stellar Data Recovery

Step2. Select the hard disk you preserved the deleted Excel files and press Scan.

Stellar Data Recovery2

Step3. Filter the scanned file by picking the file type. Excel workbooks are usually saved as XLS, XLSX, etc. Then preview the selected file and press the Recover button to retrieve it.


Method 3. Retrieve Deleted Excel Spreadsheets with Disk Drill

Disk Drill is another helpful data recovery software to recover deleted Excel files. It is available on Windows and Mac. Disk Drill supports nearly all storage media, like PC, HDD, SSD, USB, iPhone, Android, digital camera, etc. It can quickly scan the storage media and represent deleted and existing files. Additionally, you can preview the recoverable files before performing the recovery process. This way, you can save waiting time and storage space on your PC. Regrettably, the free recovery of the Disk Drill is up to 500 MB. Moreover, it is not in favor of filtering files by file format, so navigating to the file you need to recover is time-consuming.

Strong Points

  • Supports all kinds of file recovery
  • Can be used to recover data on mobile phones
  • Preview files before restoring them to the local folder


  • Cannot filter scanned files by file format
  • Up to 500 MB data recovery

How to recover deleted Excel file using DiskDrill

Step1. Download and run the Disk Drill. Pick a hard drive you saved the files before and press Search for lost data to scan.


Step2. After the scanning process, click Documents to check the files.

DiskDrill recovery

Step3. Choose Document on the side toolbar and pick the folder or the file you want to restore. Preview the file, press Recover, select the new file saving path, and then press OK to start recovering.

DiskDrill recovery step 3

Wrapping Up

It is a hassle if an Excel file is permanently deleted from your device, for it may contain critical data and is challenging to remake. With data recovery software, you can effortlessly retrieve deleted Excel files. You can compare the above-recommended data recovery software and select one of them to restore the crucial files. Then, you can get on with your work day, and know your files are stored on your computer safely.

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