How to Leverage Valentine's Day and Make More Sales With Print-on-Demand

More Sales With Print-on-Demand

Everyone wants to love and be loved which explains why Valentine's Day gets us excited and giddy every year. National spending in the US on Valentine's Day is on the rise as people splurge on their loved ones. If you play your cards right, such big spending can mean more sales with print-on-demand within your business.

Valentine's Day is recognized and celebrated by millions of people each year. Moreover, holiday-loving countries like the US spend billions on Valentine-related gifts yearly. However, this holiday has grown to become more than just about cards and flowers. It is now one of the largest consumer spending events in the US.

So, you'll need a strong marketing plan to capitalize on this holiday. And this article can help you leverage Valentine's Day to maximize more sales with print-on-demand business.

Valentine's Day Shopping Stats

  • In 2022, the National Retail Foundation (NRF) stated that 32% of American adults preferred to shop online for Valentine's Day
  • Valentine's Day spending reached $23.9 billion in 2022
  • Greeting cards are the second-highest-selling products on Valentine's Day
  • According to the NRF, Valentine's Day shoppers spent $4.1 billion on jewelry gifts in 2021.
  • Bankrate states that the average Valentine's Day spending for millennials in 2019 was $266 per head

Valentine's Day Tips for Your Print-on-Demand Business

To bag big profits, you need to be strategic about your marketing approach. However, it's not only about making charts and complex marketing plans. Here are some simple strategies you can implement in your print-on-demand business to make high-volume sales this Valentine's.

1.   Use Your Previously Successful Campaigns

Previously successful campaigns are a great way to get your sales rolling for Valentine's. Although you can make new Valentine's Day merchandise, why waste more money on research? However, it's always smarter to incorporate love-themed designs into old high-selling campaigns to kickstart sales.

You can also rebrand some top-selling print from an older niche-focused campaign. For example, if you've run successful campaigns focused on pet lovers or vegans, you can create love-themed designs focused on the same audience and include the products in your existing vegan and pet lovers portfolio.

2.   Broaden Your Target Audience

Unlike some other holidays, people across the globe celebrate Valentine's Day.  Countries like Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Canada can be new target markets. So, if you've focused previous campaigns on only the US, you'd be losing out on a much broader potential market. Consider increasing your audience to include other regions to make more sales with print-on-demand.

3.   Don’t Forget the Single People

While other businesses focus on couples for Valentine's Day, consider including creative merch for those that might be low on love during the season. Single's Awareness Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated by single people on the 15th of February each year.

Galentine’s Day is another popular unofficial holiday popularized by the show 'Parks and Recreation' to celebrate female platonic friendships and family. These unofficial holidays are fantastic untapped markets to include in your Valentine's Day campaign to milk maximum profits.

4.   Check the Stats

Research the market behavior with regard to Valentine's Day to design better products. If you want to maximize sales, research the stats for spending habits so that you can tailor your campaigns to market preferences.

For example, recent stats show an increasing trend of adults spending on their pets on Valentine's Day. Also, men spend on average at least four times more than women do on this holiday. Knowing this will help you identify your main buyers and target products toward them.

Top Selling Print-on-Demand Products for Valentine's Day

Here are some of the best-selling products for you to consider to grow more sales with Print-on-Demand.

●     Valentine's Day Cards

Cliche as it may sound, stats show that Americans still prefer good old greeting cards to gift their loved ones for Valentine's Day. Cards are a holiday classic and offer a great way to express your feelings.

Consider including customizable cards and unique Valentine's Day cards with special elements in your product lineup. Ensure that potential customers have a wide range of unique, love-themed cards to choose from.

●     Love-Themed Clothing

As cheesy as it sounds, personalized love-themed apparel is a great seller all over the world. Tapping this market by selling stylish and romantic clothing this Valentine's Day will definitely yield results.

You should also try including matching or single love-themed T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing in your print-on-demand collection. Also, ensure to include several sizes to accommodate more potential buyers.

●     Custom Canvas/Poster

Custom art is one of the highest-selling print-on-demand products on the market right now. Consider adding a selection of meaningful and artistic canvas artworks that buyers can personalize for their loved ones this Valentine's Day.

●     Jewelry

Jewelry gifting has been a custom for lovers for centuries. Customized heart necklaces and bracelets and other unique love-themed jewelry like customized wristwatches make for thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts.

●     Pet Gifts

Pets are never left out of the Valentine's Day frenzy. As people are spending more on their pets, consider adding pet gifts like love-themed dog collars to your Valentine's catalog.

Marketing Tips to Increase Valentine's Day Sales for Your Print-on-Demand Business

Conduct effective promotional campaigns (social media ads, email marketing, etc.) for your business to boost awareness and grow your business. Also, ensure that your promotion efforts target high-spending markets like the US, France, Australia, the UK, etc.

Moreover, market your products according to gender for a more effective campaign. You should also consider cross-selling complementary products to boost revenue. Try marketing giftable and personalized products to increase your conversion rates.

You should also start your Valentine's campaign well before Valentine's Day and adjust your marketing strategy as the day approaches. Most importantly, partner with a reliable and reputable print-on-demand supplier like Printseekers to fulfill your customer's orders without hassle.


Running a successful Valentine's Day campaign for your print-on-demand business is not rocket science. However, it does take some planning and strategizing to get it right.

Try to focus on getting the right inventory and marketing to the right audience. Implement the simple strategies in this article and you'll be making big bucks this Valentine's Day including more sales with print-on-demand.

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