How to Keep your Employees Motivated and Productive this Festive Season

Keep your Employees Motivated and Productive this Festive Season

Only a few months left until the most wonderful time of the year arrives. Everyone looks forward to the holiday season. Especially, as it brings a lot of warm fuzzies and good spirits. However, for 42% of employees, staying motivated and productive at work can be a struggle. Mainly, due to the flurry of activities during this season.

Motivate and Boost Employee Productivity the Festive Seasons with these Six Tips

  1. Plan in Advance

Don’t let holiday scheduling creep up on you. Please bear in mind that some employees may not be available during this period. Planning the work schedule and informing employees of any adjustments in advance ensures the holiday pressure doesn’t overwhelm everyone. In this way, the office will not be shorthanded. Thus, work processes will continue as usual during this period.

  1. Get Creative with New Targets

Time to get creative! This will be a good time to set new targets. Set clear goals and priorities that will require all team members to take part and contribute. The idea is to boost engagement and ensure your team remains productive. They should all continue to work toward the same goal. Add incentives that can motivate your employees to push for the limit. Setting attainable end-of-year targets with a worthy reward will boost productivity. Additionally, it helps to encourage your team to strive hard and accomplish collective goals.

  1. Introduce a Bit of Healthy Competition

Never underestimate the power of friendly competition. With a twist of the season, it could be a great way for employees to stay motivated. It can also encourage productivity in a target-driven environment. Awarding prizes to the best performers will be an extra bonus to make it fun. In no time everyone will be competing for the prize.

  1. Minimize Distractions with Employee Monitoring Software

While it’s okay for your team to indulge in a bit of office banter and festive fun, make sure they’re not distracted during work hours. Employees can become easily distracted by online activities such as last-minute Christmas shopping or reconnecting with a long-lost relative or friend on Facebook. To avoid these, and to ensure that productivity is not negatively affected, you can use employee monitoring software to monitor employee internet use.

WorkTime employee monitoring software offers features that allow employers to monitor and control internet use. This allows employees to stay focused on tasks without compromising on the cheer of the holiday season.

  1. Acknowledge Success by Giving Rewards

This festive season is a perfect time to reflect on the milestones of the year and celebrate individual and team achievements. An Instantprint survey has shown that 94% of workers would appreciate a holiday gift, and it doesn't have to be something extravagant. Offering bonuses, gift items, or a simple "thank you" note are all great ways to reward employees for a job well done, motivate them, and ensure consistency in productivity. It is also a good way to end the year on a high note.

Detailed recorded reports from WorkTime allows you to view, assess, and select your most diligent and dedicated employees based on their work performance and give rewards.

  1. Flexible Work Schedule

Due to family requirements, some employees may need more flexibility in their schedules. Allowing flexible work to accommodate the season’s obligations can help to strike a work-life balance. Employees can effectively manage their working hours and still have ample time for family activities. As a result, they’ll feel less pressured and stressed out at work, and hence more productive.

WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software allows employers to keep track of work processes, track time and measure productivity for employees working remotely.

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