How to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive

Motivation in the workplace goes beyond just the money aspect. Moreover, not every company can handle money bonuses. However, many business owners wonder what other ways they can motivate their employees and ensure maximum effectiveness in the workplace. There are ways you can ensure that your employees remain motivated, and we discuss them below. Read on to discover how you can keep your employees motivated and productive, making your workplace better and more engaging.

1. Be a supportive leader

The kind of leader you are is likely to affect how motivated your employees will be at the workplace. A supportive leader lends a listening ear to his/her employees and is not afraid to work with them. This also means that the leader trusts the employees, which provides a stable working environment for both parties. 

When you create an environment with supportive leadership, your employees remain motivated and are likely to develop new talent, which could be a crucial turning point for the company. As a leader, you should set a high standard for yourself to inspire your workforce and to encourage your employees to do the same by supporting them. Your expectations will communicate to them how you see them and feel about them. Helping them makes them more likely to achieve and remain motivated. 

2. Coffee

Many people underestimate the power of good coffee in the workplace and elsewhere. However, good coffee can provide much-needed stimulation and a boost of energy in the office. It is just not suitable for your staff members but clients too. What most people do not know, however, is that there is a difference in caffeine levels for different kinds of coffee, and this is crucial when choosing what type of coffee to go for. Dark-roasted coffees tend to have more caffeine and a better flavor compared to lighter-roasted variants when measured by weight. You can consider these differences when you are looking to buy coffee to serve your employees and keep them motivated. If it proves a task to prepare coffee for your employees, you can consider adding the help of coffee service providers. With the help, it means that your team won’t have to waste time brewing the coffee. Instead, they will have their coffee served hot whenever they need it. If you want to try something aside from coffee, consider focus drinks.

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive

3. Applaud them when they do a good job

Smart employers and HR teams understand the importance of putting in place recognition programs as part of their organizational cultures. Recognizing employees for a job well-done helps to create an emotional connection between you and the employees. You will be able to engage your employees better and keep their self-esteem high. They will also develop a sense of belonging, which helps keep them grounded in the workplace.

You can incorporate spot bonuses as a way of recognizing your employee's efforts. These bonuses are the kind that you give to employees as recognition for their efforts on the spot. It does not have to be a cash reward. You can give gift cards or send a thoughtful email, and they will be as pleased. The bonus's effectiveness relies on the fact that it teaches the employee to identify the behaviors that lead to rewards quickly. They, therefore, feel motivated to work harder towards the organization's objectives. 

Ensure that you tailor the recognition according to the needs of your staff members, others like to keep it on the low, while others would appreciate a poster with their names on it. Remember who is who, and you will win their hearts and keep them on toes.

4. Matching gear

Uniforms in the field are not merely meant to identify who is in which team. Over time, uniforms grow to be part of the team spirit. They help create a sense of identity, unity and promote cohesion among team members. This same idea can be borrowed and incorporated into your workplace.

Have your employees wear matching team business gear to understand that they are working together towards a common goal. It does not have to be boring. You can give them a chance to design their outfit and see what you come up with as a team. The ideas can be as simple as t-shirts with their departments and names printed and can be worn during team-building activities, charity days, or during retreats. 


Keeping employees motivated and productive in the workplace does not have to be about money all the time. In the paragraphs above, we have discussed how you can ensure that your employees are productive and motivated by taking simple steps such as making matching uniforms, getting them quality coffee, recognizing them, and being a supportive leader. Make these tips a part of your daily office life, and you will notice the difference. 

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