How to Find a Top-Notch Marketer to Win at Marketing and Lead Generation

How to Find a Top-Notch Marketer to Win at Marketing and Lead Generation

The world of business is competitive. It often seems like growing your business can be a herculean task. When business owners try looking for help, they are greeted with a legion of “solutions.” All of them claim to have the marketing skills to make them the next Apple or Google. There is no doubt that finding a good marketing partner is one of the most essential elements of running a business. However, finding a good marketer can be as rare as spotting a unicorn these days. Especially when you are looking to boost marketing and lead generation.

If you aren’t aware of what to look for in a good marketer, you can find yourself teamed up with someone who only wastes your time and resources. Let’s dig deeper into what to look for when hiring a marketing partner for your business in 2023.

1. Passion For the Work

This is a factor that is relevant for success across almost every industry and field. Finding a marketing partner who is passionate about their work can make a significant difference in terms of how effective the strategies they employ will be.

What do we mean by passion, though?

This passion can be found in places you might not expect. Many times, passion for marketing is missing, even in big agencies that go about applying a marketing strategy in a really robotic manner.

Take, for instance, Manpreet Sidhu, a young marketer from British Colombia, Canada. Sidhu’s passion seems to have struck a chord with many of the business owners he partners with. This can be seen in testimonials from his clients that noted his sincerity as a marketing partner.

For businesses looking for a marketing partner to work with, earnestness and sincerity can be one of the most important qualities to look for. It is often more effective than finding a hot-shot marketer and being treated as one among their many clients.

It is far more likely to find success when you partner with someone that is truly passionate about marketing. This is because they incorporate their “passion” as a core aspect of their service.

2. Using a Tailored and Personalized Approach With Clients

One of the major pitfalls that occur when working with some marketing partners is that they tend to rely on the same approaches over and over again. They treat your business like any other and use the same stale mishmash of strategies. They may have little desire to go out of the box and try creative ways of marketing. You would be surprised by how rare it is for marketing partners who actually put in the effort and try to make things relevant to their client’s niche.

Finding a marketer who is capable of really listening to you and understanding what you expect is critical. It is this sort of bespoke experience that lead generation with Manpreet Sidhu provides. It can really make a big difference.

Sidhu’s focus on improving conversion ratios, searchability, and digital strategy, paired with close communication with his partners, allow him to help business maximize their sales and leads. Like most successful entrepreneurs, Sidhu saw a gap that needed to be filled and jumped right into it. During his time working with startups, he has recognized that many new CEOs have great products. But, many lack a marketing partner who can work closely with them.

One of Sidhu’s goals is to help CEOs and business owners come up with an overall marketing game plan. In this he includes at least one new marketing strategy every month. As a result of a lot of hard work, he’s gotten adept at providing holistic marketing and lead generation solutions. These go beyond the usual digital marketing solutions.

As a business owner, you really want to find a marketer who is willing to get down to brass tacks with you. Thus, build a strategy that is custom-designed for your company and utilizes proven strategies throughout.

3. Actively Stays Up to Date With Marketing Trends

There are some marketing agencies that will optimize the content of a particular website and then surf off on that one instance and do nothing afterward while still getting paid. This, of course, happens to businesses that are inexperienced and aren’t vigilant.

The field of marketing is one that is ever-changing, and this is especially true with digital marketing. Any good marketing partner needs to be up-to-date with aspects such as:

  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Social Media Algorithms
  • Advertising Platforms (Google Ads, Facebook ads)
  • Content Marketing Trends
  • Optimization for Voice Assistant Searches
  • Keeping an eye on influencer trends
  • Staying on top of shifting consumer preferences

A good marketing partner understands the importance of staying on top of all these technical aspects but also realizes consumer behavior changes as well. Understanding consumer behavior is a whole other ball game that is necessary to stay relevant.

Competition is always stiff between businesses meaning the only way to thrive is to find a marketer that is really on top of his game and has the ability to dynamically change strategies and approaches before your growth even has a chance of stagnating.


Finding a good marketing partner may require you to really push yourself to look in places that you might not normally look at. This is especially true if your business is in a unique niche. After all, most conventional marketers wouldn’t know how to handle this. Thus, finding the right marketer is crucial for marketing and lead generation

Choose a partner who is willing to put in the effort to understand your product and develop a tailored strategy without relying on cookie-cutter marketing solutions. It is well worth the extra time it might take to find someone like this.

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