How to Export Windows Live Mail to PST?

How to Export Windows Live Mail to PST

Do you need to export your Windows Live Mail correspondence? Perhaps, you have bought a new computer or intend to reformat it, but you don’t want to lose the email archive with all the contacts and account configurations exactly as you have it right now. All this is possible using the export functions in the program itself, which unfortunately will take a bit longer than the procedure that is offered by the automatic solutions.

Why choose a professional WLM Converter?

The professional EML file converter will provide safe and accurate data conversion without any doubts. Automated tools will achieve the desired result without losing or changing the data. This solution is completely risk-free. It allows you to convert unlimited WLM files to PST along with all their characteristics. Furthermore, the tool offers numerous advanced features such as:

  • Simple migration of data with all the attachments;
  • The automatic tool allows you to transfer files to PST in batch;
  • No file size limitations are imposed;
  • This tool allows you to save the resulting Outlook data files to the desired folder;
  • It easily finds and determines the required PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and other editions;
  • The tool correctly supports all editions of Windows OS;
  • Usually, the automatic tool has a very simple graphical user interface;
  • You can convert WLM files to PST without Outlook installation.

Now, let’s move on to the details of how to import Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

How to export files to Outlook?

Thanks to professional tools, migrating messages from one system to another became very simple: in practice, you don't have to think about anything! You just need to install the software (which actually installs itself). Once this is done, the converter identifies all the contents in Windows Live Mail that must be exported to your Outlook account. If you prefer not to proceed immediately with the move, perhaps because you have not yet created your own account, all the content will be saved in PST format, which will, in turn, be saved in Outlook when you want. This is a real solution to your problem, which is as easy to accomplish as drinking a glass of water!

Why switch from one mailing system to another?

The first thing that is important to understand is whether it is worthwhile to switch email clients. The answer definitely depends on what your needs are. Outlook is an easy and intuitive application with an excellent level of usability, but, at the same time, it offers professional-level services. It took a long time for Microsoft to release this version of Outlook which is perfect from every point of view, not limited only to the email service but also includes the calendar and many alternative support functions.

tech support

To give just a few examples, Outlook can be integrated with Office. This means greatly enhancing one of the most indispensable tools for daily life. In addition, with Outlook, you can create categories for messages, delete conversations, and ignore certain messages, as well as be able to send and receive emails via shared addresses. You can also create contact lists, as well as rules to set up your inbox you can take advantage of. And if you need some advice, Outlook gives you a lot, for free. More than an email provider, it looks like a personal assistant!


We have come across many users who want to know how to convert Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook PST format. Above, we have explained the best way to accomplish this task, which involves the use of a professional tool. We can also recommend you use the demo version of the program first. This will allow you to check the software functions and ensure that it fully covers your needs. If it seems functional and helpful in your case, download the software and solve your migration problems. Alternatively, you can also search for some manual methods on how to migrate your files. Feel free to share the results of such a conversion and your questions with us in the comments.

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