Lead Generation through Buying Lead Lists

Lead Generation through Buying Lead Lists

If you want to sell, you will primarily need to talk to your prospects. But what if you have no one to talk to? Therefore, your marketing efforts should be focused on getting prospects in contact with your business.

There are multiple ways to obtain business leads. Some professionals will say that organic lead generation is the optimal solution. Nevertheless, statistics demonstrate that above 60% of B2B marketers consider high-quality lead generation their largest challenge. Indeed, creating a base of actual leads may be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, many marketers turn their sights towards the easier path of buying lead lists.

Getting new businesses leads quickly and effortlessly – sounds incredible! But is this option really so beneficial and safe? Let’s find out how to buy effective lead lists while staying on the safe side and how lead generation for B2B by Belkins' can help you drive conversions steadily.

What are Lead Lists and When Should you Buy Them?

Whatever business you are running, you need to accumulate the potential customer data in order to create lists of contact information. Such contact data includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and any other means to get in touch with a person that you hope to convert into your client. This collected information constitutes your lead list.

Frankly speaking, third-party lead lists can be risky and inaccurate. This is not to frighten you, rather warn, since if you know how to buy properly, you will rip your benefits.

So, if organic lead generation is not enough in your specific case, you should perfectly understand what lies behind the purchase of lead lists and how to obtain the maximum value from it.

How to Buy Business Leads

To begin with, before buying a list of leads, you should develop a clear plan for the information you acquire. Otherwise, you may end up with a list that is useless at best. Consider several tips to prepare for a successful purchase.

  • Identify your target audience.

You want the contacts that are most likely to buy your products, don’t you? Therefore, the list containing generic contact information may not provide you with interested prospects. To make a smart investment without overpaying for useless leads, start with figuring out your target market. The neat technique to do it is to rank your existing clients by several factors, such as profitability, acquisition cost, and the amount of time it took to move them throughout the sales funnel. Based on this list, you can determine the more detailed social, demographic, and psychographic data, according to which you’ll be able to perform an accurate targeting.

  • Determine the kind of list you need.

The lead lists vary by several factors:

  • Leads’ number;
  • Industry-specific or general list;
  • The type of data (only the contact information or the more extended data like annual revenue)
  • Data accuracy (double-verified email etc.).

Make sure that your vendor continually updates the list so that you don’t pay for irrelevant contacts.

  • Pick a reputable partner.

A lead list would work for you, but only if obtained from a legitimate organization. This is the way to ensure that you get tailored and actual data. Furthermore, a professional lead generator company will offer a comprehensive strategy that will eventually help you enhance conversion rates.

How to use a Lead List

Once you have obtained your list, it’s time for it to start your b2b lead generation journey. Which are the vital steps to succeed when working with the received contact information?

  • Warm-up your audience.

The list you have got is cold. This means, your contacts do not expect the information from you. A “sell to win” strategy implies getting as close to your prospects as possible prior to accessing them directly. Think about their wants and needs and deliver the relevant information with your outreach campaign.

  • Conduct prospect research.

Even a high-quality lead list will not provide a hundred-percent response. Study your list and try to filter out contacts that are most likely to become viable prospects. You can check the data accuracy through company websites and LinkedIn profiles.

  • Create relevant outreach campaigns.

Develop useful content that is easy to consume and make sure your messages are delivered to the user email boxes. Belkins provides excellent software for email deliverability, such as an email spam checker, that guarantees a seamless arrival of your messages to the destination points and consequently streamlines business email leads.

Benefits and Risks of Buying Leads

Buying lead lists may seem an easy solution; however, it comes with a range of pros and cons.

Benefits of getting leads through a purchase

  • Time and money savings.

When creating a lead list on your own, you will spend significantly more effort and resources. You will need to develop a lead-generation strategy, carefully select marketing channels, and manage your campaign. On the contrary, a ready-made lead list allows you to eliminate the lead generation stage with all the corresponding expenses.

  • Access to a global audience.

A competently collected contact list gives you the opportunity to connect to the decision-makers globally.

  • Convenient performance assessment.

Together with the lead list, a qualified service provider will also offer service assessment tools. They will allow to tracking calls, closed leads, and the overall progress.

  • Conversions growth.

An accurate mailing list will aid you not only in b2b online lead generation but also in pushing your prospects throughout the sales funnel. From this list, it will be easier for your marketing team to identify the type of leads and the efforts needed to nurture them.

Risks of purchasing leads

Before you start to take advantage of the acquired leads, make sure you do not put your business in danger. To prevent a negative impact on your company, consider several risk factors.

  • Irrelevant data.

You should beware of making a worthless investment in outdated information. Otherwise, you are likely to get prospects that have never heard of you and are not interested in your products.

  • Violation of data regulations.

Your activities should be compliant with the respective legislation. Therefore, you should cooperate only with reputable providers that guarantee adherence to CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and other global data regulations.

  • Low prospects’ engagement.

The leads you get will not be exclusively yours. Other companies may have purchased the same list and are free to address the same prospects. Therefore, chances are that your recipients will be flooded with varied offers, which lowers the click-through rates. Moreover, your emails become more likely to get into the spam folder.

Spam Regulations


As mentioned above, this act regulates, in particular, email marketing and communication. Its basic provisions state the following:

  • You should not indicate the false header information;
  • Avoid deceptive subject lines;
  • If your email contains an advertisement, you need to indicate this;
  • Incorporate your postal address in any kind of commercial communication;
  • Include an unsubscribe option in your messages;
  • It’s your responsibility if someone violates the rules on your behalf.

Spam traps

A spam trap is rather the means to catch spammers than an official regulation. This is an email address that has neither been used nor published anywhere. Therefore, if it gets into some database, it has obviously happened without any kind of consent. In order to avoid getting into such traps, make sure there is a specific person associated with the email address you use.

In the End

Is it worth purchasing a lead list or not? In some cases, yes. However, you should carefully weigh potential risks and benefits and consider the best practices. Professional b2b online lead generation agency can help you succeed in this undertaking. Belkins’ is a registered company that ensures competent, efficient, and secure services. We will help you optimize your marketing efforts, avoid the common pitfalls, and fill your sales funnel with superior-quality leads.

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