How to Collect Phone Numbers on Your Website Using Pop-ups

How to Collect Phone Numbers on Your Website Using Pop-ups

If you're here, then you know how critical it is to have a strong SMS marketing list. Whether this is your first time utilizing SMS marketing to communicate with clients or you've been doing it for a while, you can always use additional subscribers.

With SMS marketing experiencing a resurgence, there is no better moment to include it in your entire marketing plan. People are always glued to their phones, so it makes sense to communicate with them there. Text messages have an open rate of 98%, making them almost impossible to ignore. But how do you collect phone numbers for an SMS marketing subscriber list? One of the most common ways to do this is via the usage of pop-ups, which you will learn more about in this piece. Let's get started.

Ensure That Your Pop-ups Are Straightforward

An SMS pop-up window's principal purpose is to prompt the required action as soon as it displays on the visitor's screen. However, you only have a little window of opportunity to do that, so reducing complexity while increasing conversion rates should be a top priority.

So, don't throw your customers off by providing too much data. This would make it considerably more difficult, and perhaps frustrating, to prevent people from just dismissing your pop-up.

Focus on providing just enough information to keep readers interested, and don't overwhelm them with alternatives. On a leisurely walk around an online mall, it may be overwhelming to consider three distinct rewards, each of which requires a different action. The best pop-ups to collect phone numbers are those that take as little mental effort as possible. So, if you want readers to sign up for your SMS messages, just say so.

Ensure That Closing Your Pop-ups is a Simple Process

Let's imagine a site visitor isn't interested in your offer or you failed to persuade them to take action after seeing your pop-up. That's okay. It's important to keep in mind that you may have just disrupted their purchasing experience, and if there's no obvious option to dismiss the pop-up, they'll be irritated.

At this pivotal moment, customers are either going to be convinced to stay or be persuaded to leave your shop. In order to prevent the latter, make sure that the "X" in your pop-ups is plain to see, or provide them a simple way to dismiss them.

Provide Genuine Benefits in Exchange

You need to provide value to your visitors if you want them to disclose sensitive information like their phone numbers. In certain cases, just asking for someone to sign up for your SMS alerts won't be enough. But if you sweeten the deal by giving something in return, you'll likely have far more success. Especially since they can have it right now.

Offering a promo code for a percentage of the initial purchase is a common tactic. Customers may sign up for your list and get a discount coupon or special link through a text message after providing their phone number in a mandatory box and clicking the "submit" button.

As an alternative to price cuts, here are some additional possible incentives to think about:

  • Provide zero-cost shipping;
  • Give away an ebook;
  • Make useful resources available, such as manuals and checklists;
  • Give out free samples or trial periods if they apply to your product;
  • Request your attendance at a free webinar or online event.

Make Using Pop-ups Like a Game

Make your pop-ups interactive by making them into a game. Create some intrigue and provide your visitors a chance to win something of value instead of using a standard pop-up that just offers something in return.

Putting a humorous spin on traditional pop-ups is proven, but an underutilized form of advertising. You may improve your odds of success and your customer's overall experience with a game-like pop-up.

Card games, "spin to win" wheels, discount reels, and other forms of gamification are just a few of the pop-ups that could pique your attention. One strategy is to have visitors spin a wheel for various rewards such as free delivery, discounts, and anything else you can think of.

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Final Thoughts

Your SMS subscriber list should expand in tandem with your SMS marketing efforts. At first glance, pop-ups to collect phone numbers might be off-putting. But, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Pop-ups, if executed properly, are an excellent way to get people to pay attention to you. Plus, they enable visitors to provide their contact details so that you may stay in touch with them in the future.

Using SMS, you may maintain communication with your clientele and increase their involvement. In these perilous economic times, your most loyal customers are invaluable to the success of your online store.

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