How to Build a Brand through Web Design

How to Build a Brand through Web Design

Your brand is an important part of your corporate identity, it is what people recognize and the way they remember you.  You need to tell people what your brand is all about, and one of the ways to do this is by web design. Never underestimate the importance of branding when building your website. The purpose of your site is to reflect your business, attract more visitors, and generate leads or sales. However, to do this, your brand message must be strong and consistent to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Most online training schools like Platform Training will teach you how to build the brand that you want and below we outline some of the ways to do this.


Select the colors you use for your website carefully as they provoke emotional reactions in viewers. Consider hiring branding agencies in San Francisco to help you with this. For instance, red tends to provoke feelings of passion and excitement, so is often used by the entertainment industry. Green reflects nature and the environment, so is used by companies wanting to promote their environmental or sustainable credentials. Black is a serious color and is often used to promote luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Rolex.


One of the most important factors to building your brand on your website is to keep it consistent. Deviating from your brand will cause confusion so keep the color, font, and tone consistent throughout. Ensuring your website presents a uniform image will help people remember your brand.


Your brand should have its own unique character in order for people to relate to it and remember it. Injecting some personality into your website is important to add a human touch. Visitors want to be able to relate to the brand so showing a more personal side to your business will help them do this. Twitter does this well with their cute bluebird which is immediately associated with them. Adding ‘Meet the team’ pages will also help add a personal touch.


Emotion is another factor you must consider when building your brand. What feelings and emotions do you want customers to experience when visiting your website? What do you want them to associate with your brand? Crafting the aesthetics of your site shouldn’t be just about following the latest design trends. Instead, it should be about deciding on the emotions and ideas that you want your brand to project. Then you can work on a design that will do just that.


new logo is a vital part of creating your brand. Having an attractive logo design is important and it needs to be memorable to differentiate you from your competitors. The combination of text and imagery shouldn’t just tell people the name of your business. It should create a visual symbol that reflects your vision. A logo should foster brand loyalty.

If you need help creating a logo, you can hire a freelance logo designer or you can employ the services of a design agency like Quadrant2design. It is also important to place the logo in the top left-hand corner of your website as that is where visitors naturally look for it. Make sure it is big enough for people to notice it, and link it to your homepage.

Value Proposition

A first-time visitor to your website will initially try to orientate themselves. They will want to know what the site is about straight away to make sure they are in the right place. So, your website needs to have a succinct value proposition. Ideally, this is a short statement that is placed in a prominent part of the web page, preferably close to the logo at the top of the page. So once a visitor reads the website title, what follows next is the website’s value proposition. This will let them know exactly what the site is about and why they should continue with it.

Tone of Voice

Using the appropriate tone of voice is an important part of creating your brand. You need to think about who your customer is and use the right language to communicate with them. If your target audience is millennials, the tone will be more informal. If you’re catering to professional industries such as stock market investors, a formal tone is more appropriate.

Make Your Brand Unique

Using all the above elements is not enough. To really set your brand apart from the rest, you have to make it unique. The colors, personality, or tone don’t matter if your website looks the same as your competitors. How could prospective buyers distinguish your brand from the competition? Create something that makes you stand out. The effort will pay off as your visitors are likely to remember you. There’s also a greater chance that they will come back again if they are satisfied with your products or services.

Building a memorable brand is important as it can help attract customers and foster loyalty. One way to do this is through web design.  Bournemouth-based exhibition contractor Quadrant2Design used Koreti to redesign their website following these principles and were very pleased with the result, MD Alan Jenkins said ‘The new website is generating a lot more traffic and we are getting many more leads as a result, I’m very happy with the new design’.

Keeping these factors in mind when designing your website will help you create a memorable, unique brand that will truly reflect your business.

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