How to become a Cisco Certified Network Professional?

How to become a Cisco Certified Network Professional

Cisco is a globally recognized company that provides networking and communications services worldwide. Network business organizations rely upon the diverse range of products offered by this company.

Cisco offers a wide range of certification programs to enhance the in-depth understanding of the network professionals to flourish in their IT careers. The certification programs make it easier for beginners and experts in the IT industry to learn about the application of IT communication, storage networking, routing, and switching.

In this article, you will get the facts about how to become a Cisco Certified Network Professional.

Why do I need CCNP? 

If you are someone who wants to build his career in the IT industry around Cisco products and services, this certification is for you. You can gain knowledge and expertise to deal with the networking and troubleshooting of LAN and WAN.

Having the CCNP certification shows your determination and dedication in the field. It shows your employer that you are eager to learn and grow. Even if you have years of experience, if you don’t have a CCNP certification, there is a chance you might not get the job you want because of it.

If you are serious about succeeding in the IT industry as a Networking professional, you should opt for getting the Cisco certification. Spoto dumps to make it easier for you to clear the exam. You get an idea about what to expect in your exam.

Keeps you updated 

In this digital era, technology is always changing. IT professionals have to work hard to keep up with the keep themselves updated about the new changes in technology.

Makes you stand out 

Not everyone in the IT industry chooses to enhance their skills by getting the CCNP certification. You can validate your knowledge in your organization with this certification. By having the letters CCNP on your CV you can stand out from your peers. Solving the networking problems related to the Cisco products and services, especially routing and switching, becomes easier for you.

Global recognition 

Cisco is a globally recognized certification. This allows you to have a higher pay scale compared to your peers who don’t have the certification. Moreover, as a networking expert, you open new horizons for yourself.

A person who is Cisco Certified Network Professional is more likely to prosper in the IT career than someone who does not have the certification.

How to get the Cisco certification? 

A Cisco certification exam is for IT professionals who are looking to go to the next level in their careers. Cisco has different level certifications for IT professionals. CCNP is a professional-level exam that provides the candidate with much-needed knowledge in the IT industry.

You have to appear for the exam to get the certification. It required hard work and dedication. You have to go through intensive study and training. It is a good chance to ace the CCNP certification if you get the training from Cisco centers.

Getting yourself familiarized with the structure of the examination allows you to prepare well. Cisco has unique study bundles for you that help you prepare for the exam. You can either opt for self-study materials or you can get the guided learning materials. Cisco digital learning and classroom learning are available for IT networking professionals to ace the exam.

You need to spend at least 2 to 3 months preparing for the Cisco certification exam. Getting the Cisco certification is going to help you open new doors in the IT industry. You can enhance your learning skills and gain expertise in solving different networking problems.


If you want to outperform your peers, it is not sufficient to get the certification. You have to keep yourself updated with the changes in the IT industry. Moreover, you have to appear for the recertification.

The CCNA certification comes with a validation date. After a few years, you have to reappear for the examination to keep yourself updated.

Hence, if you want to achieve your career goals in the IT industry, make sure that you opt for becoming a Cisco certified network professional. You should keep an eye on the new certifications available to enhance your career in the IT industry as an expert IT professional.

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