Webex Meetings: Is This The Future Of Enterprise-Level Collaboration?

Webex Meetings

In today’s modern workplace, teams and clients are spread all over the world. Being able to see, share, discuss and present to your colleagues or customers is crucial to work efficiently. Across an enterprise-sized business, in particular, keeping everyone on the same page is essential, which you can achieve by implementing the right collaboration and communication tools.  It’s not about where you work anymore, but how you work. Cisco Webex Meetings can help to make meetings simple, reliable and effective, whether you’re a first-time or regular user. So, what is it about this particular platform that makes it a must for enterprise collaboration?

Web meetings from any device

With teams, colleagues and clients now working remotely across the country or even further afield, it’s crucial to have the right collaboration tool to seamlessly bring everyone together. Webex Meetings allows you to schedule, start and join meetings from any device, including web browsers, mobile apps or video devices.

So, no matter your preference of device or operating system, you can all come together in one virtual space. 

Integrated audio, video and content sharing

The Webex Meeting Centre can help you to share information and ideas anywhere, keeping teams connected when it matters most. Integrated high-definition audio, video and content sharing facilitates a productive virtual environment, just as if you were meeting face to face.

 This can create engaging meetings that allows everyone to see, hear and view the same information at the same time. Save on resources by bringing teams and partners together, without the need for travel. 

1 click to join

 Webex Meetings has made it easier than ever before to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues. Join meetings faster than ever, with just one step and seconds of your time. Whether you’re hosting small meetings with your team, delivering interactive training or running large-scale events, Webex Meetings has a scalable and reliable platform for every need.

Manage projects, host sales meetings, and make faster, more informed decisions every step of the way. 

Advanced features

 With new features to make the platform even more reliable and enjoyable to use, transform your meeting experience into something that yields productive collaboration. For example, noise removal and speech enhancement features can help to silence distracting background noise, including kids, dogs barking and even keyboard typing.

Webex Assistant has been introduced to provide live translations of the meeting, with 10 different languages to choose from: including Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese.

To allow for a more cohesive virtual work environment, smart status can help to show others when you’re in a meeting or out of office, so colleagues can see when you’re genuinely available when to avoid disturbing you.

At the end of 2020, Cisco hosted WebexOne, its digital collaboration conference. It made an announcement of around 50 improvements to the Webex experience. This includes an all-new Webex app to create a singular, secure place for connecting. An expansion of the People Insights feature can now highlight trends in your day, while the new Contact Center will drive more intelligent customer experiences for all business sizes.

Cisco also announced new devices, specifically designed to help facilitate hybrid working environments. Desk cameras, wireless phones and Desk Hubs are being introduced to make hotdesking and being on the front line easier than before, without compromising on communication.

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