What You Should Know About Software-Defined Wide Area Network

Software-Defined Wide Area Network

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is revolutionary architecture in the tech world. This enables operators to manage a network virtually in a centralized manner regardless of differing networks.

By integrating multiple network access resources you produce reliable data channels. Thereby, if you are facing issues with your current network infrastructure, SD-WAN is the solution for you. This technology has many benefits that you can get and a lot of things that you can save since this runs through cloud technology.

The advancement of technological solutions has brought a lot of solutions to the digital world. So, if you’re looking for solutions for your changing needs, SD-WAN solutions offer innovative tailor-fit solutions to your business needs.  They are anchored on providing optimal performance even for voice and video needs.

If you want to know more about what a Software-Defined Wide Area Network is, read on.

What you need to know about Software-Defined Wide Area Network:

  • Network Programmability

Network Operators can customize the behavior of their network to support new services. Additionally, you can control your network resources through software that resides directly on the networking devices that provide physical connectivity.

  • Centralized Control and Intelligence

Software-Defined Wide Area network enables the network operator to manage network devices remotely. They also have overall control of the network resources. Additionally, you can optimize your bandwidth with this software. Bandwidth optimization is of great importance when keeping up with the latest digital trends. If you’re having fluctuating bandwidth performance, try this technology to help with bandwidth optimization. In addition to that, restoration, control, and policies are intelligently optimized and managed.

  • Network Abstraction

You can abstract services and applications from the underlying network topology that provides physical connectivity. These applications will interact with the network through APIs, instead of a management interface that is wired to the hardware. SD-WAN acceleration enables connectivity intelligence and optimization through software. Thereby making it even more efficient and effective in handling multiple network resources.

  • Transparency and openness

SD-WAN allows the network operator to develop applications through APIs and gives control over network behavior. Additionally it allows network operators to monitor network conditions and adapt to the network configuration when needed.

The 3 major components in a Software-Defined Wide Area Network.

  • SD-WAN edge 

This can be a remote data center or cloud storage where network endpoints reside.

  • SD-WAN orchestrator

This is the Network Manager. They are responsible for monitoring, controlling, and dispatching as well as applying any protocols and policies from the Network Operators.

  • SD-WAN Controller

This is the Network Operator. They centralize management and implement protocols and policies that the orchestrator needs to execute.

Basic Software-defined wide area network Structures:

  • On-Premise

SD-WAN hardware resides on-site. This means that the network operator can directly access and manage the network on-site without running through a cloud service. This is suitable for companies with very sensitive information that is dangerous to run through the internet.

  • Cloud-Enabled

This type of structure is connected to a cloud gateway over the internet. Often this is more accessible and has better integration with cloud-natured applications.

  • Cloud-Enabled with Backbone SD-WAN

This means that a company has a backup network point of presence such as a data center. It allows for switching traffic from public to private connection. Switching from the public to private connections leads to a more secure connection. This structure is for contingency purposes whenever the network fails or slows down.

Now that you already know the basic features, components, and structures of SD-WAN, you can clearly see the advantages of having this technology for your business. So, if you are looking for cost-efficient technology to manage and optimize multiple network resources, SD-WAN is your go-to solution. This runs through a simple management console which makes it very user-friendly. Meaning even if you’re not a knowledgeable tech person, you can easily follow the process.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network simplifies its process in having centralized management and optimization of network connectivity across other branches. It eases traffic, bandwidth management and has intelligent control which is very important in scaling up your business digitally. Additionally many factors covered by this technology make the business process more efficient and effective.

Software defined wide area

Software-Defined Wide Area Network provides solutions for every business in the coming years. With the adage of the current situation, more and more businesses are going digital and connecting remotely in building their brand and building connections. If you want to level up your game in the digital world, SD-WAN technology is the answer.

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