How Local Businesses Can Find Influencers

How Local Businesses Can Find Influencers

More than ever before, social proof is of great importance. Brands are therefore using several tactics including influencer marketing to engage their audience across social platforms. To kick start your business though, you still have to overcome several obstacles before finding an influencer. Even so, not every brand has a budget for partnering with macro-influencers. Research and several studies have shown that micro-influencers bring better conversion rates than macro-influencers. For local businesses, the first step is having an online presence. For local businesses, having an online presence increases customer loyalty and referrals.

To market your products effectively, you have to know where they are. But how do you know where they are? It’s through social media platforms. Social media platforms have different websites, so how do you know the exact location of your audience? It is only through influencers. Influencers to marketers are what Google map is for travelers. It allows allocation of the exact place. How do you find influencers? That’s where the article fits. We herein try to break down the best practices for establishing partnerships with influencers and use the so-formed partnerships to grow your business.

1. Get Social

It is only through being social that you can locate influencers. If you have a small business, you should have at least a Facebook page for all your businesses just so people can visit and review your products physically. By doing so, you establish a business for being featured among the Facebook Professional Services directory for desktop users or nearby places for phone users. One of the best marketing techniques is the idea virus. It doesn’t involve intruding into someone’s life just to sell them a product.

Having social media platforms does exactly that? Think about the pictures or even videos that your friends have liked. How do you get to know them? It is by coming across captions such as 'Mark and 257 others like this. ‘‘This creates the curiosity of wanting to see the video. With Facebook Page, you will attract more customers. Moreover, you can buy Facebook followers to start you off. But do you get influencers just by having a Facebook page? You have to be active on Facebook to connect with the influencers. By interacting, you will be surprised to come across great micro-influencers.

2. Evaluate your existing social media followers.

Have you examined your current Facebook and Twitter followers? Do you know that some micro-influencers could already be following you? This is where most small businesses go wrong. They are so focused on searching for influencers yet they unknowingly have some already following them. If this is the situation after examining your followers, then you can check if the influencers are aligned with your brand. If so, the first step is building a relationship with them. This allows you to work as a team and may help your business achieve great feats.

3. Look out for those who are talking about your business

Even before you search for new influencers, you can look for those who are spreading word of mouth about your business. Note both positive and negative comments and mentions of your business online. In marriage, it's highly encouraged to marry your best friend. You can easily work with your best friend and solve disagreements in case of any. The same can be said about influencers and business owners. If you find an influencer who is already talking about your business, tag them along. They will enthusiastically promote your products.

4. Use Influencer agency

Have you heard of influencer marketplaces? Did you use them to establish your business? Now, influencer marketplaces do just that. They enable you to meet different influencers. Though you can as well meet influencers through different platforms, an influencer agency provides you with an experience like no other. Agencies such as Viral Nation have all the expertise it takes to grow your business.

Though we have covered techniques and strategies for meeting influencers, actual personal interaction and networking still play a key role in your business especially in building social currency in your community. Don't be misled, your community is beyond the World Wide Web. Influencers regardless of followers counts will help expand your local business. Still waiting!

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