How Did Matthew Lepre Become a Millionaire? The Story Behind His Successful E-Commerce Stores

Successful E-Commerce Stores

If you're a frequent surfer of social media channels, then you've probably come across Matthew Lepre. At 26 years old, he amassed enough money to travel the world. His travels were even featured in outlets such as the Daily Mail. Amid these reports, many people can't help but wonder: How did Matthew Lepre become a millionaire? If you’re a bit curious about the life and times of this prominent entrepreneur and his successful e-commerce business, then read on.

From University Dropout to eCommerce Millionaire: Matthew Lepre

The young millionaire is the true poster child of success.

Before starting his own business, Mr. Lepre was enrolled in the University of Melbourne's prestigious dentistry program. He decided to drop out two weeks into the course.

Then he flew back to Sydney's southwest suburbs to financially help his family, especially his single mother.

He worked three manual labor jobs until he earned enough money to attend a seminar in Sydney. There, he met an online business coach who gave him foundational knowledge about running a shop.

Armed with this knowledge, he launched his e-commerce store. His first sale involved cosmetics before he decided to add educational products to his shop.

Thanks to this wide array of items, Matt's online businesses were raking a steady $120,000 a month.

Mr. Lepre and Ecom Warrior Academy

The Australian millionaire was living the lifestyle many people envy.

His four e-commerce businesses were earning six figures. He managed to travel around the world—settling in Europe one day, then trotting to South America the next.

Although his life was doing good, Matthew felt the need to do something else.

Mr. Lepre said that he wanted other digital warriors—the same age or younger—to escape the clutches of a routine job.

Why work nine hours in the office when you can do something easier at half the time?

Bearing this in mind, he decided to launch another business: the Ecom Warrior Dropshipping Academy.

This new training program features different courses focusing on e-commerce businesses. Just like his coach helped him, he wanted his students to become a millionaire like him.

What Can You Learn From Matthew's Ecom Warrior Course? 

Are you interested in becoming one of Matt's students? Then here are the things you can take from his course:

  • How dropshipping works
  • Research tips to find products that fly off the shelves (plus four items you need to avoid)
  • Tips to build your own successful e-commerce Shopify store
  • How to increase site traffic through Facebook ads
  • A guide to automate your store so you can freely travel the world just like him

The course doesn't end with these insightful topics, though. Members are also entitled to the following services:

  • Product selection, where Matt's team will help you pick the right products for your store
  • Daily group mentoring
  • Zoom sessions with Ecom Warrior coaches
  • Access to live chat so you can ask whatever question you need to ask
  • Unlimited email support

In Other News: Matthew Lepre is Looking for a Personal Assistant

There's no denying that Matthew Lepre's successful e-commerce business has taken off. Thanks to Ecom Warrior, the Sydney-based entrepreneur is free to travel the world whenever he wants.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not just for leisure. He's giving inspiring talks and mentoring those who want to start their e-commerce business.

That said, he finds it hard to do all of these things by himself. He has a business to look after, too!

Now, he's looking for a task-oriented person to take on the coolest job description ever: being his personal assistant.

What Matt is Looking for in a Personal Assistant

The millionaire is looking for an organized person who can arrange travel itineraries around the world.

Apart from being organized, Matt's PA needs to be a brilliant multitasker. They will act as an office manager, too, for they need to look after the business and update resources on his site.

Matt is not picky with age, as long as you're 18 years old above and with a valid passport. The same goes for educational status. You need not be a college graduate, for he is a dropout himself!

Yes, you can apply even if you don't have any prior experience with being a PA.

The best thing about this job is that you get paid a handsome base rate of $52,000. He'll also shoulder the accommodation, insurance, and travel expenses of his lucky PA.

If you think you're qualified to join Matt's posse, then you need to subscribe to his YouTube channel. It's filled with videos that provide an overview of his job and even his unique temperament.

Do you think you can handle this? Then send in your application through his Ecom Warrior website.

As with most millionaires, Matthew Lepre's successful e-commerce business is borne out of his determination and hard work. The good news is you could be just like him! Sign up for the Ecom Warrior program right now to get started.

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