How can Call Tracking Elevate your Car Dealership?

How can Call Tracking Elevate your Car Dealership?

Running a smooth and efficient car dealership can be tricky, especially when it comes to handling your marketing and customer engagement.

This is precisely why you need a superior business tool like call tracking to ensure you’re monitoring, adapting, and reviewing your marketing performance as effectively as possible.

In this article, you’ll learn all about what call tracking software is and how you can use it to elevate your car dealership.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is a tool used to expertly analyze extensive data surrounding customer calls. It also gives you a detailed picture of your marketing performance. Thus, allowing you to see how well customers are engaging across your channels.

The software harnesses detailed metrics to provide data on each of your customer calls. This can include the number and area code of the caller, the length of the call, the abandonment rate, and other additional information.

On top of that, software such as Mediahawk, for instance, will also offer a range of in-depth reports and insights on the way customers are engaging with your dealership. This information can be used to establish customer journey maps.

With these maps, you’ll have a clear view of the touchpoints a customer visits before, during, and after they call. This will give you a bigger picture of your marketing performance. Therefore, showing you which areas are generating the most leads and sales.

How can call tracking elevate your car dealership?

Call tracking can bring a vast range of benefits to your car dealership and significantly improve the way you execute your marketing strategies. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Better tailored campaign content

Your call tracking software can help you tailor the content of your marketing campaigns. Tailor them to produce the highest levels of customer engagement by giving customers what they want to see.

With the insights and reports you receive from the software, you’ll clearly see which of your marketing campaigns are generating the most leads and sales.

Once you’ve identify more engaging campaigns, you can then view the type of content they include. This will indicate what content appears to draw in the most customer interaction.

For instance, it could be the type of tone you use in the message, or specific creative and videos that elicit the most engagement from customers.

Moving forward, any future campaigns you create can replicate the successful aspects of your previous campaign content. Just ensure every area of your marketing is ready for higher engagement.

  • A more cost-efficient marketing budget

The software can also be used to establish a more cost-efficient marketing budget for your car dealership. Therefore, helping you to increase your overall return on investment (ROI).

Use the reports to identify the engagement coming from each of your campaigns. Then, you’ll have a vivid picture of which campaigns are performing well, and which ones aren’t.

You can then ensure that the majority – if not all – of your marketing budget is focused toward these more successful campaigns. Not to mention, developing similar ones with high levels of engagement.

On the other side, you can remove investments in campaigns that are underperforming. Thus, prevent any unnecessary spending that isn't producing the high leads and sales generation you need.

Aim to have marketing campaigns delivering higher levels of engagement and maximizing the generation of leads and sales. This allows you to receive a much better ROI for all of your marketing efforts.


Marketing is a crucial aspect of your car dealership. Incorporating the right call tracking software into your business, gives you everything you need to become a top industry competitor.

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