Home Office Essentials: How to Make Working from Home Easier

Home Office Essentials: How to Make Working from Home Easier

The coronavirus pandemic changed a great many things for a great many people. Perhaps chief amongst them is the way in which we work. Pandemic restrictions, particularly the stay-at-home orders came into effect in the vast majority of US states. This forced businesses to adopt remote working technologies, from video-conferencing to cloud collaboration software and more. Thus, more people were working from their home office.

Even as the pandemic and its restrictions lifted, the options and infrastructure remained. Thus, enabling people to adopt work-from-home or hybrid-work agreements across the country. With 97% of people unwilling to return to the office full-time, this infrastructure seems very much here to stay for the long term.

Working from home is a personal comfort of sorts. It removes barriers to entry for many positions and saves employees money as well as time. But there are some things you need in order to work effectively from your home. Here are some of the key essentials for any home office:

Dual Monitors

The impromptu home office set-up commonly involves reliance on a single laptop screen to carry out daily tasks. But the vast majority of work can be improved with the provision of an additional screen. Whether for monitoring team messaging services and emails or simply streamlining your workflow. Once you start working with a second monitor, you’ll never be able to go back. In fact, investing in a good monitor will pay off immediately.

Cables and Cable Management

Between your laptop, second monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drives and other peripherals, you will have a lot of cables cluttering your desk. Some of these you will benefit from having spares of. Spare power cords will be essential for powering screens, printers and scanners. Likewise, you can never have enough data cables.

You should also devote some time to organizing the cables behind your desk. This reduces the likelihood of pulling them out in the middle of an important task. But it also keeps your workspace neat and tidy. Cable management clips are available for you to bundle up and secure cables to the underside of your desk, while plastic wraps and cable ties can keep them following the right path.

Ergonomic Seating

Working from home doesn’t preclude you from suffering the consequences of poor posture. Many make do with spare dining chairs or bucket seats. But these often do not provide the right ergonomic support for extended sessions of sitting and working at a desk. Investing in a good chair can be invaluable for your physical health as well as your focus.

Desk Plants

Lastly, no desk is complete without the addition of flora. Adding foliage to your working space can keep it bright and lively, giving you a much nicer and more comfortable space in which to work. Here, the plants are making a wider point: even in working from home, we can be prone to underserve our working space. Making aesthetic decisions and including creature comforts can make a ton of difference to motivation and productivity. Consider starting with a small cactus or two.

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