Home Improvement Tips That Will Boost the Quality of Your Living Space

Home Improvement Tips That Will Boost the Quality of Your Living Space

Home improvements projects can increase the value of your property while making living spaces more comfortable and welcoming. Before undertaking any home improvement projects, always carefully consider your budget before making changes.

Start by setting priorities and compiling a comprehensive list of potential projects, then prioritize these projects by their importance and feasibility.

  1. Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows in Ottawa are one of the best investments you can make for your home. As an iconic colonial window style, double-hungs provide functionality and beauty - featuring two operable sashes that can be moved vertically for controllable ventilation as well as lean inward for easy cleaning from within your home.

Energy-efficient windows help keep warm air out during winter and cool air out during summer, significantly lowering energy consumption and helping you lower costs. There is an array of sizes and styles to suit your needs - even energy star-rated double-hung windows in Ottawa which meet stringent performance standards for our wet climate can offer optimal insulation and durability in your home.

  1. Add a Fireplace

Installation of a fireplace can be an extensive endeavor, but can significantly add value if done right. This is particularly true in colder regions where potential buyers often prioritize homes that contain fireplaces.

No matter if it's gas, wood, or electric fireplaces - each can offer homeowners many advantages. While it might not increase resale value of your property directly, fireplaces make winter more cozy for you and your loved ones.

Before embarking on any renovation project, ensure it's something that you are happy to live with for many years to come. Also, make sure the fireplace fits seamlessly within its environment. Otherwise, you may risk losing money upon selling your house.

  1. Add a Deck

The addition of a deck is an effective way of increasing home value. Not only does it create an inviting space to relax in, it can also boost curb appeal.

No doubt many of us harbor our inner Bob Vila and DIY home improvements can save money compared to hiring professionals. Before embarking on any ambitious plans for renovation, however, it's wise to carefully consider your renovation plans. After all, you should ensure you can realistically attain the results desired before diving in headfirst.

As part of any new deck build, it's crucial that its ledger board is securely attached to the house. Pour foundation piers and frame your deck directly up against its walls. Make sure to leave an opening of approximately 1/4-inch between wall and deck beam to allow moisture to pass into the structure without creating issues with moisture intrusion.

  1. Add a Garage

Whenever the desire to upgrade or renovate arises, ideas come flooding in. Choose renovation projects that won't strain your finances. Furthermore, consider ones that add value to your home at once.

However, affordability must always come into consideration. Garage additions are an attractive way to increase square footage and boost home value. Not only are garages versatile space solutions, they can also serve as she sheds, man caves, writing nooks or home gyms - whatever else may come to mind.

However, you should carefully consider how big your garage should be to minimize its visual impact on your house. Thus, helping to prevent a "snout house" effect. Furthermore, make sure your entrance is situated away from the front of your property to protect garden space.

  1. Add a Patio

Homeowners want to enhance their homes, yet are in search of cost-effective home improvement ideas that won't strain their finances. A patio addition is one such project that can add both style and value. However, it avoids expenses new rooms require such as drywalling, flooring, plumbing, or insulation costs.

According to HGTV, a well-designed patio can help increase both home value and curb appeal. Potential buyers often prefer homes that come equipped with patios for entertaining guests while enjoying the backyard space. Furthermore, having one will make the yard seem larger while adding an eye-catching new aesthetic that buyers cannot resist. Thus, making this investment a win-win scenario for both you and your family!

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