Going the Distance: Top 10 Supplements for Runners

Going the Distance: Top 10 Supplements for Runners

It is estimated that 10% of Americans have a deficiency in essential nutrients. 

Most people get their nutrients through the food they eat, but sometimes it is not enough.

If you regularly go running, you will need specific nutrients that help your performance and health. 

Continue reading to discover the best supplements for runners so that you can win the final race!

1. Iron

Have you noticed that on certain days of running you are more winded and tired?

Chances are, you are low on iron. If you aren't getting enough iron in your body, your muscles will be negatively impacted and you won't be able to run as long. Females tend to have lower levels of iron when compared to men. 

Red meat, black beans, and grains are all excellent sources of iron. You can include these items and supplements in your diet if you are feeling more fatigued than normal. If you want your body to absorb as much iron as possible, add vitamin C rich foods into your diet as well. 

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a crucial supplement that all runners should be taking.

Without vitamin D, your body is not able to absorb calcium. Vitamin D helps to keep your bones healthy and strong. If you are constantly indoors, you likely need to be taking this vitamin.

You can get more vitamin D by spending time in the sun, drinking orange juice, and eating mushrooms. Check out this internet pharmacy to get vitamin D supplements, they can help give you strength for running. 

3. Calcium

One of the most important supplements for runners to take is calcium. 

Calcium is good for runners because it helps with muscle contractions and blood clotting. If you don't get enough calcium, your bones density can become damaged.

The best way to get calcium, besides taking supplements, is by eating dairy products, salmon, and leafy green vegetables. For your body to absorb calcium, however, you must have vitamin D as well.

4. Zinc is key in supplements for runners

If you are a runner, you should ensure that you are getting enough zinc.

Zinc is beneficial to runners because it helps keep the immune system strong and produces energy. While running you will need to access as much energy as possible and zinc helps you do that.

It is also a good supplement for runners because it aids in building and repairing muscle tissue. You can get zinc by eating red meat and whole grains, but capsules and pills are an efficient way. 

5. B Vitamins

Several B vitamins are crucial for runners to have in their bodies. 

Vitamin B helps you metabolize energy and put it to use.

Without vitamin B you will have a difficult time getting the energy to exercise. You won't be able to repair muscle tissue as quickly either. Vitamin B helps by synthesizing protein and producing red blood cells. 

Vitamin B-12 supplements are highly recommended if you want to pursue running and are available at the pharmacy.

6. Magnesium

Long and short distance runners should make sure that they are getting enough magnesium each day.

Magnesium helps maintain strong bones by regulating vitamin D and calcium throughout the body. It also helps keep your blood sugar and blood pressure levels under control. 

Besides taking supplements, spinach, nuts, and seeds are ways to add magnesium into your diet. Try avoiding processed foods that lack magnesium. 

7. Whey Protein

If you want to increase your recovery time and build lean muscle, taking whey protein is an excellent way to do so. 

Whey protein gets absorbed by muscle tissues and makes its way through your digestive tract. Adding this supplement into your diet can help increase blood amino acids that make running easier. 

Many people add whey protein into their diet with smoothies, beverages, and adding it into baked goods. 

8. Multivitamins

Those looking for a quick way to get essential nutrients and vitamins should consider trying multivitamins.

Multivitamins can help increase endurance and repair muscle tissue. They are also important because they help make sure that your body can absorb other nutrients. 

Vitamin D, B, and C are in multivitamins, giving you a simple solution to feeling good. While you are running, your body will be able to utilize all of the supplements included in your multivitamin. 

9. L-Carnitine

If you are looking for an extra boost of energy that will effectively burn fat, L-carnitine is your solution.

This weight loss supplement can help increase your endurance by burning fat and turning it into energy. L-Carnitine also helps runner by helping protect muscles. They make sure that your muscle tissues don't break down and continue to grow in a lean way. 

10. Fish Oil

Although fish oil supplements have a strong odor that may be hard to look past, they also have a big impact on runners. 

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This supplement helps combat inflammation by reducing lactic acid buildup in the muscles. Without this buildup, your muscles will be less sore and can recover more quickly. 

If you want to handle longer runs, fish oil can help you reach your goal.  

The Best Supplements for Runners 

Staying healthy and strong is important if you want to finish the race.

There are many supplements for runners that help enhance their performance and health. An honorable mention goes to Curcumin. Research shows that a good turmeric supplement can significantly reduce joint pain and inflammation, which is a huge health benefit for runners.

Calcium and vitamin D work together in the body to help give runners strength and bone health. Magnesium is another supplement that helps the bones and also regulated blood sugar and pressure levels. 

You must get these supplements for runners if you are serious about distance running. Without them, you may feel more fatigued and unable to repair muscle tissue. 

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