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I’ve learned a few critical things about being more purposeful in using social media marketing for my business.

  1. If your not spending time and thought on social media you will struggle to get your name out there in a big way.
  2. If you don’t target your market, you will have zero success because you really don’t have strategy to engage your audience.
  3. You've heard, "If you build it they will come," but they won't come if you don’t ever update them!

I don’t want you to get frustrated with these common mistakes that many business owners are making. Using the right strategy along with consistency is the most important marketing resource-and if you use social media right, you will attract more of the right kind of clients.

Come learn some of these tips & strategies to explode your marketing in your business online at the PURPOSEFUL SOCIAL MEDIA VIRTUAL EVENT hosted by my friend Lorraine Duncan.

2 virtual sessions a day starting with me on March 24!

View Details and Register FREE now => Purposeful Social Media Virtual Event

I will be personally sharing my best social media practices as one of the speakers.

You’ll also hear in-depth, exclusive interviews with…

Dana D’Orsi, Matt Shea, Kristy Schnabel, Diana Needham, Sue B Zimmerman, Nancy Tierney, Michelle Blais, Michele Welch, Phil Frost, Carol McManus, Mama Red, Andrea Cinnamond, Mallie Hart, Silvia Pencak, Carl dePrado, Robyn Mather, Dave Albano, Michelle Sanchez, April Heavens-Woodcock and Lorraine Duncan.


These speakers have grown their businesses using social media and have become experts in their perspective fields sharing on Social Media Strategies and online presence.

P.S.   It all starts March 24th - April 4th.

Grab your spot now => Purposeful Social Media Virtual Event

I’ll see you there!


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