Effective Ways to Market a Major Event Using Social Media

Organizing an event can be both hectic and stressful, especially when you have targets to meet and tasks to complete. These tasks could include selling hundreds or thousands of tickets, selecting great event swag, booking a venue and keynote speakers, organizing logistics, and catering management. The weight of the work can vary according to the scale of the event as well as the time frame you’ve been given to complete it. One of the markers of success, however, when it comes to events is usually how many people turn up. It, therefore, requires efficient and well-planned marketing efforts to ensure you create enough awareness and sell as many tickets as you can if it isn’t a free event. In this article, you will learn three ways in which you can market the next major event you organize using social media. This is comprehensive help for any event, whether it is a Friday night comedy event or a fundraiser in the countryside.

Use Your Existing Audience

Social media is where you can find most of your target audience in today’s tech-heavy world. With the increase in the use of smartphones for just about everything, many people are glued to them most of the day. Social media marketing is said to result in higher conversion rates than outbound marketing, so if you’re a brand, you should leverage on this. Using your loyal customers and followers as ambassadors can be effective when you want to promote an event. Create a marketing strategy that carries them along and makes them feel like it’s their event too.


Using influencers, or what is popularly known as influencer marketing, can prove to be an effective way to create awareness about both your brand and event. Not only is it a marketing trend for 2018, but it was also one in the previous year which may indicate that it works. 67% of marketers found that influencer marketing campaigns were successful in helping them reach a wide target audience. On this note, look for individuals that already have a strong following and influence amongst their audience. You should also try and ensure that their brand persona fits your brand or the event that you’re promoting. If, for instance, you’re trying to market Taylor Swift tickets, then pick an influencer that has an audience that is likely to enjoy Taylor Swift and one that likes pop, pop rock or pop country music. Once you’ve found a suitable influencer, see how you can partner with them to promote your event in the most authentic way possible.

Social Media Ads

As it's likely that a large percentage of your audience may be on social media, posting ads on the channels may be effective in drawing attention to your event. Social media ad budgets have doubled globally over the past two years. Why not opt to use it to promote your event? It is fairly easy to learn how to post on your own, or you can leave it to the marketing team to create. Your social media ads may be effective because they meet people where they are. However, be sure to try and personalize them to make sure people pay attention.

While social media is a source of entertainment for many, it has become a goldmine for marketers and advertisers alike. It is changing the approach that companies take to market products and services into one that is far more personal and customer-focused. To capture the somewhat short attention span of your audience, you’re going to have to create content and advertisements worth stopping to view.


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