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Any business that organizes a significant number of seminars, workshops, concerts, film festivals, charity programs, and other events is likely to have come across Eventbrite online software. A cloud-based event management and ticketing system. The platform is currently considered one of the leading tools to quickly organize and promote events.

If you’re new to the product, the following is a quick primer to help you decide whether Eventbrite would benefit your organization.

What is EventBrite

Created and supported by Modern Tribe and using the Eventbrite API, Eventbrite is a fully customizable online event planning platform packed with powerful tools to create, manage, promote, and sell online tickets for your events.

With Eventbrite, you can manage an entire event from their web portal or from your WordPress website via their plugin. Furthermore, this latter tool is an important one. As it provides a fully functioning event registration tool that can be managed within your website!

From determining what type of tickets best suit the event to estimating the right quantity of tickets and even setting up payment options (fixed, donation, or free), everything is handy in the web portal. Additionally, the moment you hit the publish button, the tickets become available on your website.  All the metrics and management you need after the sale are also available.

Interested attendees who visit the site will be greeted with a customizable purchase form. Moreover, as sales numbers increase, ticket availability is automatically updated. When all tickets are sold, a Sold Out message can be prominently displayed on the page.

Eventbrite Key Features

Some of the top features for Eventbrite online event management software include;

  • Event registration and ticketing
  • Schedule recurring events
  • Organize private events
  • Create automatic reminders
  • Reserved seating
  • Custom venue maps
  • Fundraising and crowdfunding
  • Survey and audience polls
  • Variable pricing, including Early Bird and discount coupons
  • Reporting and analytics

Aside from the above, Eventbrite online software also comes with dashboards to help event organizers easily manage campaigns. Also, you get online sales tools to help you maximize campaign reach and social media marketing (such as Facebook promotions). Therefore you can quickly get the word out on social networks, and speaker profiles where you list all event speakers and their professional backgrounds.

It’s important to stress that each event has its own dashboard. This is particularly important for organizations and agencies that need to run multiple events simultaneously. A separate dashboard for each event means you can remain on top of your marketing campaigns with little trouble.

Above all, both online and offline payments are supported to ensure that no one is left out. Online payment options include; PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay (for select events).

Key Benefits of Eventbrite

  • Promote events across platforms: EventBrite integrates with useful websites and all the major social media networks, giving you the chance to take your promotions to multiple platforms.
  • Abundant Promotion tools: Tools available for event promotion include; a searchable directory, partner networks, social notifications, and event newsletters.
  • Let users view the location beforehand: Feel like your attendees would benefit from viewing the venue before the actual event happens? Eventbrite integrates with Google maps to make this a possibility.
  • Verify barcodes using a mobile camera: This further simplifies event organization as you don’t have to invest in actual bar-code scanners.

Pricing Plans

Eventbrite is free to use for all free events. If your users aren’t paying, you won’t be charged either. For events where there is a cost for attendees, however, you need to pick from three pricing plans; Essentials, Professional, and Premium.

Essentials and Professional plans charge a fixed rate plus a percentage of every ticket that you sell.  The Premium plan is negotiable. The prices are as follows;

  • Essentials 2% + $0.79
  • Professional 3.5% + $1.59
  • Premium (call for custom price)

The other thing you need to know is that the Essentials Plan, as the name suggests, gives access to the basic features you need to organize an event. Correspondingly, Professional subscribers have access to most of the resources with on-site staffing and branding. Product training the only notable missing perks. The Premium plan is the ultimate package, offering access to all the features Eventbrite has to offer. Refunds are available.

Eventbrite User Support

Support at Eventbrite is really good, especially as you move up the ladder. While Essentials plan subscribers only have access to the online help center, Professional and Premium users get a phone, chat, and email support for paid events, with Premium users enjoying 24/7 phone support.

To sum up, Eventbrite online event management software is one of the top event organization and ticketing platforms you’ll find out there.

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